Big Boy Bath

The little man loves his bath time. Let me rephrase that. Marcus loved his baths in his infant tub. But, at 29ish inches and 24 pounds it was clearly time to move upwards and onwards in the in-home aquatic world.
As much as he loved bath time in the infant tub I assumed he would have no problems moving into the big bath without incident. That wasn't necessarily the case.

The first attempt he looked at us with wide eyes, and then alligator tears formed. He wasn't having it. Attempt number two went very similar to the first go-around, until I got in with him. Then, everything was right in Marcus' world again. By the third night our little man was ready for his big boy bath sans Mommy.
The little man loves splishing and splashing. I cannot tell you how much it THRILLS me that my big guy doensn't mind lying on his back in the water. Proud Mommy moment!!
Big smiles during bath time fun.
My sweet little water bug.
Hey, Drake, wanna switch spots?
Though we have fun in the tub our bath toys are slim pickin's. I'm all ears to bath time toys that would be fun for our little monkey.


  1. You are so lucky! I had to be in there quite a few months with Drew. We found a bag of animals from Target that stick on the side walls. They are like foam, but when wet they stick and Drew loves moving them around and making different animal scenes!

    1. Every time I go to Target I look for things that stick to the wall. To no avail. *sigh* And, we don't have Walmarts close by. Looks like I might have to do a little internet shopping. Shucks. :)

  2. He looks so cute in his big boy bath! My girls have both always loved baths and never mind if we dump water on their heads, etc. Works out well!

    BTW, We have little ABC letters that stick to the tub and I'm pretty sure we got them at Target.