Random Acts of Kindness Continues

There has been so much tragedy in the news lately. My heart continues to break for those in Newtown, CT. But, there is still good in the world. There is still hope... There is still a light shining...  

My thirty day challenge to Be Kind, Be Generous, and Be Thankful ended on November 30. I'm still volunteering when I can, donating what is possible, and saying "thank you" and smiling more often - the random acts of kindness never truly ends.

The RAK challenge continues and has made its way to the Midwest.

Mrs. Stevenson, friend and high school classmate of mine, has been keeping up with the Monologues. The RAK challenge sparked an idea. Mrs. Stevenson is a fourth grade teacher in west central Iowa and she implemented the RAK idea in her classroom.

Thirty-three fourth graders participated in their own Random Acts of Kindness. They called it 12 Days of RAK.
image courtesy realmomsguide.sheknows.com
Mrs. Stevenson kept me up-to-date with the happenings of her students as they completed their own challenge . The students had to preform their acts of kindness outside of the school and had to come up with the RAKs all on their own. The students thought in terms of creativity, doing for others, acts had to be done by the student themselves, and it had to make the student feel good.

I simply LOVE what the kids came up with all on their own:
- "I've helped Mom a lot with dishes."
- "I helped my brother with his homework."
- One student would place treats on people's doors, knock, and then run away (this particular student must have been in cahoots with St. Nicholas)!
- A student brought his bus driver a cinnamon roll one morning (lucky bus driver - yumm-o!).
- Another student brought hot chocolate to her priest, who stands outside the school each morning to welcome the students; this particular student also wrote a thank you to their custodian.
- Many students have taken toys and clothing to Goodwill and the Salvation Army.
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Mrs. Stevenson went on to tell me that the students kept track of the RAKs they did and then held discussions. During the discussion of the RAKs one student said "...This doesn't even feel like something we HAVE to do anymore, it just feels like part of our day." How awesome is that?!

As the 12 days was wrapping up Mrs. Stevenson told her class they only had two more days of RAK... They all moaned and groaned. They didn't want the RAK assignment to end!

To each and every one of Mrs. Stevenson's students,
Though I've never met you, you are all an inspiration! Keep up the amazing work. Even the simplest act of kindness can make someone's day a little bit brighter. Your assignment may be over but your RAKs don't have to end! Remember... Be Kind, Be Generous, and Be Thankful
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To Mrs. Stevenson, and all educators, thank you so much for all you do!