Point Vicente Lighthouse - Take Two

Back in September we attempted to tour Point Vicente Lighthouse and failed. The lighthouse is only open the second Saturday of each month, and we showed up the second Sunday. Whoops.

Our second attempt was a success.
The marine layer was quite thick while we visited and the temperatures were cooler, and for some reason that completed our little outing.
Near the lighthouse is a building that serves as sort of a museum. Old lights, articles, artifacts fill the small two-room building.
A smaller lighthouse light.
Maritime knots. I have a hard time keeping my running shoes tied... I can't even imagine trying to attempt any of those!
After perusing the little museum we were ready to head into the lighthouse. 
It was obvious as we neared the lighthouse that it has been around for awhile, and has gracefully weathered the relentless, unforgiving salty air.
The Kelty backpack was marvelous. Marcus was able to take everything in with a bird's eye view.
Seventy-four steps lead up to the light.
The light can be seen over 20 miles out to sea.
The lens is 185 feet above sea, and flashes a white light two times every 20 seconds.
Legend has it the lighthouse is haunted by "Lady of the Light;" the shape of a tall serene woman in a flowing gown who paces the tower's walkway.

According to some, she is the ghost of the first lighthouse keeper's wife, who stumbled from the edge of a cliff one foggy night. Others say the lady waits the return of a lover lost at sea, and still others think she is a heartbroken woman who threw herself from the cliffs when she found herself abandoned by her intended.

"Lady of the Light" didn't make any appearances while we visited. Bummer

The lighthouse was plain and lacking any inkling of glamor, but there was just something so awesome about the place.

We can officially check Point Vicente off the bucket list!

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