9 Months Old!

Happy 9 Months to my Chunky Monkey!
Official Weight: 24 pounds 3 ounces  (97th percentile)
Official Height: 30 inches  (97th percentile)
Teeth: 6 (with a 7th coming soon)
What I've learned in the past month:
~ Nothing is safe from Marcus' sticky little hands. Our coffee table and end tables sit barren.
~ The "drop game" is fun for one person, and it's not Mommy or Daddy.
~ I don't foresee the bouncy lasting too much longer in this house. The big guy seems to think it's more of a restraining device than a toy.
~ Stairs must be blocked off. At.All.Times.
~ My kiddo truly is a tank. If he can't go around, under, or over something, he plows right through.
~ So long pureed foods. Marcus wants to eat all on his own.
~ Cantaloupe is Marcus' favorite food. He will systematically pick out all other foods and toss it to the side of his tray so he's left with a pile of cantaloupe.
~ Marcus LOVES drinking water, especially if it's cold (and in Mommy's glass).
~ The monkey has figured out if he drops his food on the floor Drake will gladly gobble it up.
~ It sounds as if Marcus is responding with actual words. We think we are consistently hearing "hi" and "hey."
~ The word "no" is commonplace in this house. Sometimes Drake and Marcus are confused as to who is being told no. Ha!
~ As independent as the little man thinks he is he still loves napping in Mommy or Daddy's arms.
~ Mommy's favorite time of day is in the morning when the big guy isn't fully awake and just wants to snuggle for a bit.
~ The monkey is always on the go, keeping us on our toes, and we've never been so happy to be so exhausted.
Photo bloopers!
Upper left: Marcus was thrilled Drake joined in the fun.
Upper right: The appeal of the photo shoot is quickly fading.
Lower left: Pouty lip! Someone is fading.
Lower right: That's a wrap! Photo session is officially o.v.e.r.


  1. Right about this age is when the monthly photoshoots of my girls started going drastically downhill! haha....he's so cute and a big boy!! :-)

  2. What a cutie! Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Looks like he's gonna be bigger than Drew! A pound or so more and a 1/2 inch taller. Sad it didn't work out to see you guys!!