Christmas Family Photos - Outtakes

This past weekend I rounded up the little guy and the big guy and I made them get all classy looking. We were in need of some good photos to use for our Christmas cards.

The cards are heading to the post office today... Fingers crossed they reach their final destinations before Christmas.

We had a tough time choosing exactly which photos we wanted to use. Here are a few that didn't make our card.
My dashing little dude. It cracks me up how chubby his cheeks look in some of these (see right center photo)!
Between the rocky beach and the crashing ocean Marcus had many distractions. Posing and smiling for pictures was not high on his agenda. He wanted to soak in everything the beach environment had to offer.
Thanks to our photographer, and neighbor Amy, and her husband Rick, and son Colt, we were able to snag a few smiley pictures of the little man.
Our little family.
Of all of the pictures taken this one may be my favorite...


  1. Oh your pictures are beautiful! Love the tie and hat. Adorable!

  2. What an adorable little man! I just love the very first one with the sun flare! (P.S. you might want to consider getting rid of Captcha - the word verification on your comments - you'll get way more!)

  3. What a special first Christmas with your little man. He is just so so yummy!

  4. Aww, what great photos of your sweet family. :-)