First Foods: Acorn Squash

Well, this didn't go nearly as well as I'd expected.
After I whipped up the acorn squash I did a quick taste test. Not bad, reminded me of sweet potatoes, which the little man liked. 
I figured these would go over a bit better than the butternut squash had.
Not so much. He wanted NOTHING to do with the acorn squash. Little stinker.
And then I did the quintessential "mom" thing. I mixed the squash in with his oatmeal (which he enjoys). It was a little rocky at first, I think Marcus knew there was more to his oatmeal than I was letting on. But, that was the only way any acorn squash was going to be eaten. 


  1. Hello, not sure how I found your blog...just blog hoppin'. And I love that you call this your ADULT SPACE...we all need ME time...I recently posted about ME time, as my youngest is graduating HS this year...YIKES..


    So enjoy your little one, while he is still little...(Love the yucky acorn squash face:)

    And thanks for sharing the pumpkin whoopie pie recipe. I think I will try that today. I am now a follower. Hope you will follow me, too.
    I also have a blog for just writing...take a peek. http://turnthepage25.blogspot.com

  2. What a cute little one! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you are from Iowa! We live in Nebraska (originally from Kansas). Was that wedding picture taken by the fountains in KC? Also, my son lives in LA. Headed there for Thanksgiving. Following you back. Have a great day!