The Pumpkin Prix

Though Halloween is good and over with pumpkins can still be found everywhere. Around here people get pretty creative with what to do with those pumpkins.

There had been talk of the Pumpkin Prix amongst a couple of our neighbors. Two were participating in the events. 
The upper left photo - Pumpkin Proud won People's Choice for favorite design.
What exactly is the Pumpkin Prix? Scott and I had asked that very question. You take a pumpkin, find a creative way to attach wheels to it, and then race it!

Rules to the Pumpkin Prix:
1) At least one axle must go through a real pumpkin
2) The pumpkin mobile cannot exceed 50 pounds
3) Get creative, there is a People's Choice vote for the crowd favorite
4) Pumpkins race on double elimination
The pumpkin shuttle was made by our neighbors. 
The pumpkin you see at the nose was fake, however, a real pumpkin rested within the cylinder, and the axle went through the real pumpkin.
There were a good dozen, if not more, pumpkin mobiles that raced. These pumpkin vehicles were awesome, many of the creators went all out on their mobiles! 
Let the races begin!
The pumpkin start line was at the top of a hill, and the course ran about 40 yards. It didn't seem like far at first, but watching the pumpkins fly down the hill was HI-LARIOUS! Watching the owners stop the pumpkins at the finish line (which was midway down the hill) was even more gut-busting! 
Our neighbor, Rick, stopping the Pumpkin Shuttle. Talk about impact!
If both mobiles went off course measurements were taken to see which vehicle came closest to the finish line.
Everyone got in on the fun!
The little man seemed so enamoured with everything going on around him. I don't blame him, I was pretty impressed, too.
Don't mind his lack of clothing, it was 96 degrees the day of the races. P.S. 96 degrees in November is simply insane, right?!
Once a pumpkin mobile was completely eliminated from racing kids would swarm to the mobile... And do what kids do best... DESTROY the vehicle! 

The Pumpkin Shuttle took second - YAY Rick, Amy and Colt! 

At the end of the day the winner was passed a plaque with previous Pumpkin Prix winners.
Winner of the 2012 Pumpkin Prix, Jaws!

I loved seeing the neighborhood come together in such a fun, creative, family friendly way. And, it gave us adults a reason to "tailgate" on the sidewalks (and maybe a little bit in the street:))
There's talk of our family participating next year. Scott is already conjuring up ideas of creative ways to attach wheels to a pumpkin. (We'd love to hear any and all ideas you may have!)

Should we ever move from this area we're taking the idea of the Pumpkin Prix with us.

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  1. What a cool event, but I don't think I can read your blog anymore. Seeing Marcus in the nude and hearing about 96 degree weather makes me so jealous. ... especially when I'm sitting here with a sweatshirt on and still freezing! :)