Three Months Old!

Three months, woohoo! My little man isn't so little any more.
I weighed and measured the big guy at home; we won't have the official stats for another month or so.
Height: 27-ish inches (approximately 97th percentile)
Weight: 18-ish pounds (approximately 97th percentile)
Upper left: Oooh, the camera. It's a captivating piece of equipment.
Upper right: Early morning = good mood
Lower left: So smiley
Lower right: Getting our giggle on.
What I've learned in the past month:
-It's amazing how functional I am with such little sleep. I thought I didn't get sleep while I was pregges. Pssshh. That doesn't hold a candle to now.
-We learned that a "pain" cry and a "need-sleep" cry sound veeeery similar. There may have been an episode where I couldn't figure out why my big guy was screaming. I was almost out the door to the ER when he fell asleep in my arms.
-Turns out a 6:00PM nap is CRUCIAL (see above).
-The torticollis seems to be getting better. However, the therapy involved is something left to be desired.
-Tummy Time is not something Marcus enjoys. At all.
-The best time to catch my monkey in a good mood is right after he wakes in the morning. He's all sorts of smiley and chatty.
-The makers of infant clothing clearly have no idea how to size clothes. NONE of Marcus' 3 month clothes fit, and he's fitting quite nicely into all of his 6 month outfits.
-Marcus "talks" differently with Daddy than he does with Mommy. Marcus seems to "talk" more with Daddy than Mommy. (See this coming Marcus Monday.)
-Not a day goes by where my baby boy doesn't amaze me, make me laugh, and make my heart melt.
Upper left: No photo shoot is complete without a closed-eye shot.
Upper right: Drake, as usual, makes the photo session as well.
Lower left: Can we be done?
Lower right: Blaahhhhh, this is for the birds!

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