Sleepless in SoCal - Update

I love it when people come together to help each other out. Especially Mommies...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who took a few seconds to share what worked/works for you when it comes to getting your little monkeys to sleep!
Here's proof!!! Swaddled, in the crib, ASLEEP!
We have made several changes to our bedtime (and nap time routine):
- Adding a bit of rice cereal to the last bottle of the evening (P.S. Why did no one mention that diaper changes would never be the same?!:)
- Swaddling our little guy as tight as possible (even though he still manages to Houdini himself out of it frequently)
- Keeping the big guy's room a bit cooler in the evenings (between 70 and 71 degrees)
- Giving gas drops after the last feeding
- Naps, when possible, are spent in the crib
- And, there was an evening where the big guy had to cry, and settle himself (thank you goes out to Grandma M and Aunt Carolyn for sticking to their guns for this not-so-easy task)

Maybe it's one of the aforementioned that has worked, or perhaps it's a compilation of everything, BUT the past two nights the monkey has slept 7 hours and almost 9 hours! HALLELUJAH!
Good Morning!!
A good night sleep means happy baby and happy Mommy!
Let's hope I'm not jinxing anything by getting this excited only two days into sleeping for more than two hours at a time, but, I think our monkey is finally getting the hang of this sleeping-through-the-night thing!!


  1. Awesome! Good for you! Hope it continues!

  2. Yeah! Isn't it just amazing the power of other mother's advice. I've already needed and used so much from other moms. Go Marcus!!