Finding Balance

Before Marcus arrived I swore up and down that our four-legged kiddo, Drake, would not be left in the shadow of the little monkey.
Drake attended each of photo session during the weekly pregnancy updates.
Then we brought our little man home... I thought after the first few weeks with our little monkey the regular amount of attention given to Drake would resume.
Spending much needed quality snuggle time.
Sadly, I was wrong. It seems as if no matter how hard I try, time spent with Drake is much less than I'd like to give, and far less than he deserves.

Drake is fabulous with Marcus.
Month One photo shoot.
Drake insists on partaking in all of our photo shoots.
Month Two photo shoot.
Toys, pacifiers, books and blankets left on the floor don't interest Drake, he prefers his own toys and treats.

But, I find I'm saying "No!" and getting frustrated more often with the furry big guy.
Often, the feeling of guilt washes over me, Drake deserves more. I'm hoping as Marcus gets older the time and attention given to Drake will increase, as he truly is a wonderful dog, and it's bothersome, thinking I'm neglecting such a loyal companion. 

Things eventually balance out, right? 


  1. In our family, it unfortunately has not. I had hoped as Drew got older that it would get better, but around 6 months we went through a REALLY rough stage where they were SUPER annoying and I just got frustrated with them all the time. Not even for really doing anything. I'm sure you've read my blog about it, but now we just try to take them on more walks and give them attention when Drew goes down. I know someday they will LOVE playing ball with Drew and running around with him!

    1. I do recall your post about your furry family members awhile back. We try walking Drake as much as possible, but I just feel so guilty. He used to be the center of our lives... :(

  2. I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading... And I usually don't comment when I'm this behind, that way no one knows... But that picture of Drake's nose in the picture with Marcus CRACKED ME UP. I laughed out loud.