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Phew - Friday! Music to my ears. It's been a long week around here. Scott put in some SERIOUS hours at work, my monkey gave me some very trying days, and I'm pretty sure I've accumulated no more than 15 hours of sleep this week.

But, it's all good. There are worse things in life, right?

With that said, the hubs is at work, the monkey is asleep (for now), and I thought I'd put together a quick compilation of a few things that I enjoy, and think you might, too.

If you've been keeping up, Greek yogurt has stolen my heart. Lucky for me, there's a Chobani conversion chart that shows you just when to use the yogurt, and exactly how much. I may never bake/cook with sour cream again.

I've been following a few new blogs lately...
Iowa Girl Eats has quickly become a new favorite. Not only is this blogger a runner, she cooks, she bakes, and she's from IOWA! Yay for the Midwest!! No, I don't follow her simply because she's from Iowa. You should see the stuff she bakes/cooks. I've been tempted to lick my computer screen... Don't judge. Once you see what she puts together you'll probably do the same.
Last week she posted about Soft Sugar Cookies with Cookie Dough Frosting! Drool.
Photo Source: Iowa Girl Eats
You just tried to lick your screen, didn't you? See, told ya.

Another new favorite blog of mine is Lil' Blue Boo. Blogger Ashley is amazing. Not only is she a mom, she's so incredibly crafty! She has her own clothing line of some of the most adorable kids clothes, and often times she has FREE tutorials on how to make kiddo clothing, along with other various crafts she's managed to whip up. Oh, and did I mention she's winning the battle over cancer?! She radiates nothing but positivity, and her Choose Joy campaign rocks.
Here's a post, Boys of Summer, where she has a FREE printable for kiddos to color. The colored masterpiece can then be transferred onto a t-shirt. Awesome!
Photo Source: Lil' Blue Boo
Get your creativity on, check out this blog!!

Ah, I hear a little monkey screech. That's my cue. Quite time is over.
Check out the sites and let me know if you use the conversion chart. I'll be back next week with my own material. :)

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