Sleepless in SoCal

It's nearing 10:00PM, and as I type this my eyes are constantly flitting to the baby monitor. I'm sure that any minute the little monkey is going to wake up.
A nap in his snuggle bunny.
Since day one we've struggled to put Marcus down. And keep him asleep. In the beginning I chalked it up to all the nightly feeds that go with newborns. However, the big guy is no longer a newborn. He's three months, tomorrow.
Passed out on Mommy's legs after a little chit-chatting.
I keep hearing from others how their babies, who are younger than Marcus, are sleeping through the night. We've had exactly two nights where we haven't had to get up.
Not sure who appreciated this nap more...
I'm not supposed to compare my kiddo to others. But, it's so difficult not to.

We swaddle him. He fights to get his arms out, that wakes him. We leave him without a swaddle, he wakes himself with the jerk of an arm. It's a catch-22.
Snoozing on Mommy.
Sure, he sleeps during the day. In fact, his nap schedule is pretty consistent. It's those pesky nights that get to him. And us. If we go a solid four hours without waking up it's a miracle.

At three months I just can't bare to try the Ferber Method...
Actually napping in the crib - YAY!
Sleep suggestions welcome!


  1. We had that swaddle problem and swaddled him tighter in his halo sleep sack. Our pediatrician said to not worry it won't be too tight. Once he was snug in his sack and couldn't get his arm out, he would sleep fine!

  2. I wish I could give you some good advice. Every baby is different. My daughter didn't sleep either. I joke that she didn't sleep through the night until she started kindergarten, but it isn't much of an exaggeration. My son was a great sleeper and learned how to climb INTO his crib when he was tired. Now, my daughter is 18 and loves to sleep and my son is 15 and hates it. Just be patient and try to get some sleep whenever you can.

  3. Hi. My name is Malinda and I'm a friend of Ashley Clark's and came across your blog from her blog. Anyway, here is my two cents. He may not like his arms in his swaddle. My little boy is like that. We still swaddle, but leave his arms out...he likes to be tight in a blanket, but not his arms. It is odd, I know. Unfortunately, I would suggest the tough love route. You may want to start this with his daytime naps. Instead of having him sleep on you during his daytime naps, have him sleep in his crib...put him down while he is still awake...groggy, but awake. Then, when he cries you do NOT pick him up, but rub his tummy, talk quietly to him and let him know you are there. Then you have to leave for 2-5 minutes and repeat until he falls asleep. This will teach him that the crib is where he is to sleep and that he has to fall asleep by himself. I know it is hard. I've done it with my first two babies and am now working on it with my 1 month old because in 3 weeks he will go to daycare and will have to sleep in a crib and not on me! Once he can do this during his naps, he will be able to do it at night as well. I hope he figures it out soon for you!

  4. I agree - we swaddle without the arms in the swaddle and it usually works wonders. We also got this thing from a friend - it's hard to describe: looks like this |_| and he lays in it. It has about 4 inch walls on it and velcros together on the bottom so that you can adjust the size. It prevents him from rolling around at all and viola, he is usually asleep within minutes of putting him in his crib. I read somewhere that babies have trouble with "space" and too much of it causes them to slightly freak out? Whether that's true, meh, do with it what you may. Otherwise, good luck!!! :)