M & J Monday

How do I love you?
Let me count the ways.
I love you as the sun
loves the bright blue days.
 I love you as the bee
loves a fragrant flower.
 I love you as the thirsty duck
loves a sudden shower.
 I love you as the bird
loves a song to sing.
I love you as the walking bear
loves the smell of spring.
I love you as the cat 
loves a sunny sill.
And as the dancing snowflakes
love the winter's chill.
How do I love you?
Let me tell you how.
I love you as the nest
loves the sturdy bough.
I love you as the sea
loves the sandy shore.
And as the ancient world
loved the dinosaur.
I love you as the wind
loves its own sweet sound.
 And as our friendly Earth
loves to spin around.
I love you as the moon
loves each shining star.
I love all that you will be
and everything you are.
How Do I Love You
~Marion Dane Bauer
Happy Monday!


  1. Playground photos are the best! I always get great ones of the kids in action. These are so much fun! Both kiddos look like they are having a blast.

  2. All the heart eyes. Happy Monday!!

  3. Happy Monday! I I've Julia's outfit =)

  4. Marcus is such a fashion icon! I love the photos.

  5. ADORABLE!! I love how happy the playground makes kids. I also love both of their outfits!

  6. Look at them playing on the playground! So fun!! We need to get to a playground as a family soon!

  7. They are the cutest siblings ever! And I kinda love that Scott snuck in there too!

  8. I'm excited to go to playgrounds again when it isn't 302342 degrees out. And then watch another learn how to climb up everything. So fun =)

  9. I can't believe how big Julia is getting! They're so cute together; you can definitely tell they're siblings!

  10. Park fun, awesome!!! Looks like a beautiful summer day!

  11. Aaaahhhh we used to love the playground so very much when my girls were this age. Such happy memories.

  12. How fun! I can't wait for Rhys to share his love of playgrounds with Evelyn!

  13. Julia's toothy smile?! Get OUT!! You are blessed with beautiful babies my friend.

  14. SO sweet! And that's such a nice park!

  15. That last photo of them, Julia's smile is so big. You can tell she is a happy baby girl.

  16. I love her espadrilles! Such a stylist lady! Beautiful photos as always!