Julia's First Flamingle

Though Julia's actual birthday was August 7 we waited until this past weekend to full on celebrate her first year. 

Just over two months ago I was slightly stressed as I had no idea what theme would be acceptable for a little lady's first bash. Thankfully, I have some amazing friends who came to the rescue, and the idea of a First Flamingle was quickly born. 

Once decided I took to scouring Pinterest and Etsy for ideas. 

A few weeks worth of prep, a lot of hot glue, several hours spent baking and decorating sugar cookies and cupcakes, and plenty of late nights, led us all up to the big day. 

Party time came and we were joined by several of our closest family and friends. While I know Julia won't remember her day I hope she can look back fondly on these photos and know that it was truly a fun day, and she was surrounded by so many who love her dearly. 
Pardon the horrendous lighting. Trying to snap good photos at 10am was near impossible.
I couldn't handle the brown of the the pool cabana, so I hung up a few white sheets and added hanging fans.
Both the Happy Birthday and Let's Flamingle banners I made simply using construction paper and bakers twine.
I didn't want to do too much on the tables, as I was positive they would get wet - because, pool party.
A quick coat of gold spray paint to pineapples and the table center pieces were done.
I couldn't leave the ledge around the kitchen area bare.
We were gifted the JULIA letters from my friend, Kourtney, whose little girl is also named Julia. Kourtney also sent so many other birthday decorating items to use, including all the paper I used to make the banners.
The tassel garland was made using tissue paper and bakers twine.
The cabana from afar, complete with Marcus and one big flamingo pool float.
Guests were greeted at the pool gate with a small flock of flamingos. Naturally.
My friend Sarah, from Gilded Feather Events, was so kind to let me borrow the large pink and gold flamingos.
The food table was kept fairly simple. A couple of photos of Julia from her cake smash session, a spray painted pineapple, a few rubber duck flamingos, mason jars spray painted pink, and a picture garland of Julia from each month of the last year.
The lighting makes me want to cry.
Thankfully, guests didn't care about lighting and the cookies were a smashing success.
I used THIS RECIPE for the cookies and THIS RECIPE for the icing and decorating techniques.
These cupcakes turned out so much better than I could have hoped!
I used THIS RECIPE for the cupcakes and THIS RECIPE for the marshmallow filling and frosting.
The flamingo and pineapple toppers came from THIS ETSY shop.
The gold number 1 came from THIS ETSY shop.
The lady of the hour in possibly the best swim suit of all time.
The tassel garland was made with direction from THIS TUTORIAL.
The "one" banner was made from construction paper and bakers twine.
My mother-in-law frosted the cake, and we used the same cupcake and frosting recipes.
The ONE cake banner came from THIS ETSY shop.
Julia did not disappoint and helped herself to a generous portion of frosting.
Our parting bags were simply gold bags secured with flamingo washie tape. Guests took home flamingo beach balls, flamingo bubbles, a flamingo sugar cookie, and flamingo headbands.
Julia with Grandpa and Grandma Dudding (on the left) and Grandpa and Grandma Macke (on the right).
The best part about pool parties? No worries about hair, make up, or what to wear!
Scrolling through our photos, I wish I would have thought to snap more photos of all our guests as they flamingled their way through the party, and I am so bummed I didn't think to get a photo of Julia and Marcus, or of the four of us. However, the party turned out so much better than I could have wished, and even though I came up short of a few photos I hope everyone - birthday girl especially - had a great time.

I have to take a minute to give a serious shout out to my family. Without the help of Scott, my mom, mother-in-law, dad, father-in-law, sister-in-law, and brother-in-law, I'm certain my ideas wouldn't have fully come to fruition. To them I give the biggest thank you. 
stuffed flamingo
Here's to start the of planning for birthday number 2! 


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