Hot Wheels Heaven

We are no strangers to The Cube. Marcus loves the place, and frequently asks to go. I love the place because Marcus can be hands on all the time, and I never have to say, "No, don't touch." Not to mention, he's learning through play, and that's something I can get behind all day every day.

When I saw The Cube had Hot Wheels as it's latest exhibit there was no question we needed to make a trip to our favorite science center.
The pictures don't do even the slightest bit justice of just how freaking incredible this was (the wonky lighting didn't help, either). It was every little boys (and likely girls) dream. An open, HUGE room filled with nothing but Hot Wheels fun. Yep, my kid will have all of that, please and thank you.

Please excuse my (poor quality, iPhone only - I didn't even think to bring the 'good camera') photo dump. But, seriously, it was the best time ever.

This was just one of the several different ramp/track stations.
The orange ramps could be moved up or down to change the height of the jump of the cars.
This video of the race ramp was a fan favorite with all the kids. I bet we came back to this station no less than 27 times.

Marcus was able to get behind the wheel and drive around several different race tracks (Indy, NASCAR, Grand Prix). I have no idea where Marcus picked it up (because Scott nor I has ever expressed interest in NASCAR), but Marcus is in love with NASCAR. This was clearly a hit.

But this, this took the cake of all the things Marcus could get his hands on. It was a mock pit crew tire changing station. 
I mean, the tires were screwed off, the wheels came off, the tires changed out, and screwed back on. HOW COOL?!

We spent over an hour and a half JUST at this exhibit - that's how much Marcus enjoyed it all. We barely touched the rest of The Cube.

While Marcus was soaking up all the fun, I was soaking up our time together. Julia came along for the ride, but she spent 90% of our three hours at the science center sleeping.
It was so good to get out and give Marcus the special attention I know we both desperately needed.

Until next time, Cube!


  1. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun!!! What a special day!

  2. AHHH!!!! This gets me EVEN MORE excited to go there with you guys! It's a MUST. That exhibit looks AH-MAZING and I seriously can't believe how empty it is!

  3. What?! That is freakin' awesome. My little man would love this! Great pictures! Marcus looks so happy.

  4. Oh that is just too cool! I think my husband would have been equally as impressed, hehe!

  5. SOOOO cool! A boy's dream for sure!

  6. Wow! That is so cool. Jackson would LOVE this!! Glad you guys had a great time.

  7. You go to the coolest exhibits! So fun! You can totally tell Marcus is in car heaven :)

  8. Holy cool, batman! This is awesome! I think would lose his mind in here! Marcus looks so happy!!

  9. Oh my word, my son would have been in hot wheel heaven! He's such a car boy anyway. What a great place. I'm so glad you two got to spend some time there.

  10. How much fun is that? I want to play there. It looks like a lot of fun.

  11. coolest place ever! i desperately crave some time with C