Pumpkin Picking

Every year we go to the pumpkin patch I go with these grand images in my head about how amazing and special and perfect the experience will be. Then we get to the 'farm' and it's always slightly less than what I envisioned.

This year we went only to find we'd chosen the second busiest weekend of the year. The place was swarming with people. It was pure craziness.

Upon entering we immediately hit up the wagon ride where we took a trip around the farm and watched a pumpkin shoot out of a cannon. I thought it was the coolest thing, Marcus found it to be just meh.

A quick trip through the petting zoo where Marcus pet exactly one goat and one sheep and called it good.
We sped through other obligatory pumpkin patch check list items.
The "How Tall This Fall" measurement... check.
The back of a wagon.... check.
The inside of a tractor cabin... check.
A quick run through a hay bale maze... check.

We decided to skip the corn maze. Marcus wanted to pick pumpkins like a fat kid wants a piece of cake, and Julia was more interested in eating and snoozing. There's always next year to get lost among the corn, I suppose.

Then we were off to the main event. Pumpkins of course!

Grandma was along for the fun, so she, Marcus, and Scott went on the hunt for the most perfect pumpkins in all the patch. Julia and I hung out along side the rows of pumpkins and watched from afar.
Between pumpkin picking and wheelbarrow riding, Marcus was having a grand old time. 

I did managed to snag these little gems.
I really need to get Marcus to ease up on his "cheese" game, and Julia, poor girl had no idea what the heck was going on.

Naturally I made the four of us pose in the patch. The trip didn't happen if a family photo isn't taken.
Five pumpkins, and one hour from start to finish, later, our pumpkin fun was done.

Though we hastily made our way through the patch, and the experience was slightly lacking, we still found some pretty legit pumpkins that are nearly as big as Marcus.
That evening during night time prayers when we asked Marcus what he was most thankful for he chose pumpkin picking. So, I suppose in his little world our trip to the patch really was everything it was meant to be and more.


  1. Love that he said that in his prayers! Precious! And great pictures!!

  2. Aw, what fun! I'm so glad you got to go! You did get some huge pumpkins! Are you pumpkin carvers or pumpkin painters?

  3. The photo of Marcus and your Mom? HOLY SMOKES... all the people! Are you carving those bad boys or painting them?

  4. you certainly have more orange pumpkins growing out there than we do here! our patches are kind of bare!

  5. Awesome pumpkins!!! I love that Marcus was less than impressed with the pumpkin in a cannon. I would have thought it was amazing. Ha ha! Glad you made it and hopefully next year it's on a less busy day. :)

  6. I think our expectations are skewed compared to our kids expectations, and theirs is usually for the better! I say this was a win, you got a family picture and some awesome pumpkins! Plus you cant beat family time.

  7. That's why they say that we should learn from children. I love that he enjoyed himself and those pumpkins are HUGE. I'm thinking that I'll head to the pumpkin patch on Sunday! We shall see.

  8. Two family shots in a row, wahoo!!! All of those firsts need to be documented. It looks like you guys had a great time even if it was busy!

  9. Oh how I love the pumpkin patch. Sorry it was crowded, though. Looks like y'all still managed to have a good time. And you got some great pumpkins. Are you guys going to to decorate them? Or carve them? We haven't decided yet what we are going to do.

  10. I really need to get Marcus to ease up on his "cheese" game -- I totally cracked up when I read this b/c I could totally see the 'cheese' in that picture! Oh those darn cheese faces, they all go through that phase, then finally you bust through to the other side and it's a (semi) normal smile again. :)

    We're so lame, we don't do the pumpkin patch thing. We've gone a handful of times, enough for the boys to have that experience 2x's as littles. We'll probably go next year when Tate can enjoy it more. They are so dang pricey to get into, tho, and i just don't think it's worth it.

    Oh, and it's so bizarre to see people pumpkin picking in tank tops! :)

  11. Sounds like a fun pumpkin patch trip - you got some great photos! Love Marcus's cheese face! And holy moly those sure are some giant pumpkins!

  12. OMG!!!! When did you guys go? Where did all those people come from? When we went there was hardly anyone! I'm so sorry! Next time you guys will have to meet us at night and we can all go.
    Also, I'm shocked Marcus didn't care about the pumpkin cannon! That was like the coolest thing there! That and those HUGE pumpkins you guys got!