Love || Hate

A hundred years ago (I was still pregnant with Julia, so, really, like 10 weeks ago) this little list was flying around the interwebs and I loved the idea. Thankfully, several lovely ladies included me in on the fun, and I'm just now getting around to it. Shout out to Beth :: Our Pretty Little Girls, Crystal :: Hall Around Texas, and Jamie :: Cocktails and Carseats for giving me a little blogging inspiration and some content to post today.

The idea is to post 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Pretty simple, right? Let's get right to it.

The Loves
1. It should go without saying, I heart my family so much. They're a pretty awesome bunch of people, and I'm so dang lucky they're all mine.
2. A good run and/or a good weight session. Often getting out the door is the biggest hurdle. But dang, once it's all said and done - the best.

3. Sleep. Next to running, sleep is probably the best thing in the world. And, I never get enough of it.

4. A good book. What's better than being sucked in by a book? Not too much.

5. Being on/near/around water. An ocean, a lake, a river, a pool, I don't care. There's something so peaceful and calming about water. Give me all the water all the time.

6. The Midwest. More specifically, Iowa (the whole gosh darn state- give me all the corn fields) and Kansas (even more specifically, Kansas City). Those places are home base for me, and we can never spend too much time in either place.

7. Traveling. I follow a few travel accounts on InstaGram and I want to go EVERYWHERE. If only I had unlimited funds, and time to go everywhere I'd like...

8. Disneyland! Dole Whips, Screamin California, Dumbo, World of Color, It's a Small World, Cars Land, MICKEY. Yes, it really is the happiest place on earth.

9. On-line shopping. Seriously, who has the time or patience to actually GO places to shop (aside from Target)?!

10. Sunrises and sunsets. What's not to love about Mother Nature using the sky as the most perfect canvas?

Hate is a pretty strong word, so this is really more a list of things that really irritate me, and/or make the list of pet peeves.

The Top Irritants and Pet Peeves (in no particular order, because they are all so annoying)
1. Terrible drivers. I've basically declared I'm the best driver ever. If you don't use a turn signal, don't go the speed limit (which is automatically 5 over the posted speed limit - duh), drive slow in the left lane, or don't know to turn right on red (unless signage states otherwise), I will be cursing you out and likely honking my horn. May it be noted, living in L.A. has not helped with my patience on this issue...

2. People who dominate conversations. I love to listen, but I'd also like to partake in the discussion you're having with... yourself.

3. The smacking of food and gum. OH. MY. GOSH. CLOSE THE MOUTH!

4. Flossing in public. No. Just. No. Go to a bathroom. I do not want to see any person digging remnants of dinner from between their teeth. So gross.

5. Caillou. Who's with me on starting a petition to get that whiny kid off PBS? Also, Sheriff Callie kind of annoys me, too.
6. My college football team (Go Cyclones) and their never-ending ability to lose. While I'm used to the fact that we don't win, pretty much ever, it still blows. It'd be nice, really nice, to have a solid team to cheer on just once.
7. Shonda Rhimes took McDreamy off Grey's. WHY? JUST WHY?!

8. The sound of someone chewing/eating, especially if I'm not eating, too. It basically makes my ears bleed.

9. Play doh. At first I didn't mind the stuff being played with. But now? Now when the suggestion is made to play with it I cringe. Little pieces end up everywhere, only to be found days (weeks? months?) later. Not to mention, those toys that you squeeze the doh through? Never. ending. clean up. And the colors being squished together? Oh my gosh, make it stop.

10.  Cleaning up after my dog - he's roughly the size of a horse. I'll just leave it at that....

There you have it. Ten things I love, and 10 things that basically drive me bonkers.


  1. I share so many of these with you. I also think Caillou should be taken off tv. I can't stand that show and refuse to let Cam watch it.

  2. I basically agree with all of these! lol. the play-doh one especially. Although, it does make Simon happy!

  3. I am so glad to see im not the only one that thinks Caillou is whiny and that playdoh really does suck, it doesn't even enter my house!

  4. Haha, love this!! Caillou...oh my word...his whiny voice irritates me so bad. And Mason loved that show when he was younger.

  5. You start the petition and I'll sign it -- seriously, I don't want my kids 'educated' in whining, they do enough of it themselves!

    As a kid I was OCD about keeping the playdough colors separate. As a mom, go for it. Squish them all together b/c it's inevitable that the lids going to not get put on tight and they are going to dry out and it's cheap and we can buy more. But I don't get it out very often, and never have had it out for Tate yet. It is a mess and if it's nice weather they have to play w/ it outside on the deck.

    Love the sunsets/sunrises and you know I LOVE Iowa, too! :)

  6. I thought I was the only non fun mom who hated play dough?! It drives me crazy! I put it away and made it an outside only toy and she stopped asking for it. Drives me crazy and Callie isn't a super messy kid but she's super messy with playdough so just no!

  7. I am very sensitive to food sounds, too! I'm still so jealous of all your Disney adventures!

  8. YES to playdough!!! I hate it! Hate the smell, hate the mess, hate all of it..ugh.

  9. LOL at the play dough. I can't stand it either and Scarlett is obsessed with it.

    I love the ocean and a good sunset/sunrise :)

  10. i think were the same person.

  11. Yay for Disney! :) I'm so with you on the driving one, especially when people don't use turn signals. Ticks me off. And noisy eaters. No thanks!

  12. This is great! I CANT stand Caillou!!! And the only saving grace for Callie is knowing Mandy Moore voices her and she's one of my girl crushes lol. I think all LA drivers have to aggressive, Brian always goes into "LA mode" when we visit and it takes him a few days to adjust once back home.

  13. I love you even more.

    First off thanks for the shout out. Secondly I HATE Caillou I want to smack the crap out of that whiny little brat and play dough, UGH I feel like a mean mom but I just hate it.

    As for loves you know we have LOTS of those in common too.

  14. Ok, so much to comment on here! Since you love the water so much, I pretty much vote that you never move away. Like ever. I mean, I know you would love to move back and be with your family and while that would be AMAZING and I so want that for you, I selfishly don't want you to leave either. Also, Disneyland YES. New Disney pass price NO. Also, that collage, how did you do it? LOVE! I also love online shopping for everything BUT Target too! I rarely shop for clothes in store (online all the way) but there's something about going to Target that I love!
    I HATE HATE HATE drivers that don't use turn signals, drive too slow, and everything else that you mentioned. I always get on Seth about not using his turn signal (he's gotten better) and I'm sure living here hasn't helped my road rage. I was catching up on Grey's last night and (hopefully you're caught up), Penny was there and I couldn't help but get mad at her myself! Why couldn't she save McDreamy??? Why would they kill him off? Awful.