Fall Goodies || A Blogger Exchange

Fall is my absolute favorite. However, living in Southern California for the past five and a half years has really put a damper on the season. Let's be real. Southern California doesn't really have seasons. All we get are June Gloom, Summer, Hell, and Hot.

When Johannah tossed out the idea of co-hosting a Fall Blogger Exchange I jumped right on it. Pretending we have fall weather, shopping for all the fall goodies, and getting to know new bloggers? Yep, I'll take it.

I was paired with Andrea from Long Days, Short Years. She is mom to four beauties, lives on the East Coast, and seems to love a lot of the same things as me. After getting to know her I had a blast picking out items I thought she may enjoy. Stop by her blog to check out the goodies that I sent her way.

Andrea nailed the box she sent to me.
The minute I opened the box and saw the picture perfect post card of what Fall *should be* a smile immediately formed.
I haven't seen trees like that since 2010!

Individually wrapped items. Andrea knows the way to my heart.

On to the spoils:
Left to right, top to bottom:
  • An adorable wooden box that will fit perfectly on my kitchen table. A handful of leaves, maybe a couple of gourds or mini pumpkins -- the possibilities to fill that are endless!
  • A trio of bracelets that will match practically everything in my wardrobe.
  • How CUTE is that "wish bone" bar towel?! *swoon*
  • The postcard that deserves a frame.
  • Did you know there was such a thing as Sea Salt Chocolate Candy Corn? Marcus and I have had a hay day dipping into that.
  • Method's Mulled Cider hand soap. Method is my all time favorite soap, and I cannot wait to bust into this.
  • Very Fall-ish polish, which I will be rocking in the very near future. 

A ginormous THANK YOU to Andrea for getting to know me and picking out some fabulous fall items!

Did you participate in the Fall Blogger Exchange? If so, be sure to link up with Johannah, Bri, and me and share your Fall goodies!


  1. I'm in love with that wishbone towel :)

  2. Love the goodies! So how is the chocolate candy corn?! The girls have been begging to try it but I am afraid to step away from my good 'ol original candy corn. :-)

  3. Look at all the fun stuff!! The wishbone towel is very pretty! I've also heard the candy corn is really good =) And the nail polish colors are very pretty! Thanks for co-hosting with me!! =)

  4. Sea salt caramel candy corn!??! Oh my goodness. Is it good? Sounds amazing!
    PS love that wooden box she packaged it all in!

  5. Awesome loot! Love that box! Did you get to see some Fall colors/trees while back for the game?? The temps must have felt awesome and cold to you! :)

  6. Your box seriously screams fall! That towel is pretty much my favorite.

  7. What an amazing gathering of items. I love the wooden box. I never would have thought to send that in a swap but so versatile! The polish is on point and the soap! I need to break out my seasonal soap!

  8. Such a great box she really knocked it out of the park! Love that bar towel.

  9. I'm with everyone else...the wishbone towel is darling!!!

  10. I love that WISH towel. At first I wasn't sure but seeing it displayed makes me want one for myself.