The 5 Year Anniversary Edition

Five years ago today I said, "I do," to the most loyal, loving, compassionate, honest, amazing man. It doesn't seem like five years has passed, but at the same time it seems like we've spent a lifetime together, dreaming, building, and creating this life of ours.

In honor of those five spectacular years here are five of my favorite photos from that beautifully perfect day (side note: have any idea how hard it is to select just FIVE favorites from your wedding day?!).

1. My favorite from the ceremony...
I had this picture blown up to a 16x20 print and it hangs in our entry. There's just something about the lighting, the cross, the aisle lined with maple leaves, and us at the alter that moves me every time I look at it.

2. My favorite with a prop...
My dad's Model A was so much fun to be photographed with.

3. My favorite posed photo...
We actually used this on our Christmas cards the year we were married.

4. My favorite from the J. C. Nichols fountain...
This photo pretty much sums up our relationship on a daily basis. 

5. My favorite group photo...
So many of our favorite people all together.

6. (Bonus - see, I couldn't pick just 5!) My favorite of 'my girls' and me...

Scott, cheers to five years, and a lifetime more of memories, laughter, joy and love to come. I love you!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Happy anniversary!! Congrats on 5 years. You had an absolutely gorgeous day. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! And beautiful wedding photos!!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! So fun to look at the fountain in that photo and think, I've been there too :).

    Have a great weekend celebrating!

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Happy Anniversary!!

  5. happy anniversary!! you are a beautiful couple!

  6. Holy gorgeousness! I LOVE all your pictures!!!! SO pretty. I seriously don't think I can express in words how much I love these. I don't think I've ever seen these before (did you blog your wedding?). But I totally agree with you, there's NO way to only pick 5 favorite pictures from your wedding!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary but holy cow.... 5 years?! Wow!!

  8. Happy anniversary love birds -- wedding photos are the tops, I could look at them for hours and hours, so much love in pictures!

  9. Happy anniversary!! Gorgeous pictures! I'm surprised you were able to pick only 6! You looked amazing!

  10. Happy anniversary! You are gorgeous!

  11. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Macke! I love that you had leaves scattered down the aisle, what a sweet fall touch. Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  12. That picture at the fountain is so beautiful!!

  13. So many beautiful pictures! I love that anniversaries are the perfect time to shamelessly share wedding photos again! Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary - your dress was stunning! So fun to look back!

  15. Happy five years! These pictures are gorgeous!!