Week 25

Week 25
It seems as if I've expanded 150% since last week.
Size of Baby // According to My Pregnancy, M² is about 13.5 inches long and weighs about 1.5 pounds - or the size of a rutabaga (because I keep rutabagas on hand, and am able to compare this oh so easily… said no one, ever). I, on the other hand, feel like I've grown exponentially - EVERYWHERE.

Cravings // Can't. Stop. Eating. Always. Hungry. Just give me all the food.

Symptoms //  Inhaling food count as a symptom, right? Also, I've been getting some nasty leg cramps in the middle of the night, so that's fun. And, the emotions, sweet Judas… The other afternoon I was simply *thinking* about Marcus becoming a big brother and I was immediately in tears. 

Movement // All the time and some of those jabs and kicks have packed some heat.

Miss Anything // It's been so. damn. hot. here. I really just want a cold beer, or a cider, maybe a big ol' glass of Summer Brew. I'd also love to not feel like I'm a walking human furnace. It can be 55º and I'm basically having a heat stroke. That's not pregnancy glow, it's me just sweating profusely. 

Sleep // Not going to lie, between Marcus' inability to sleep through the night, me constantly peeing, and leg cramps, sleep is ridiculous. Just a little prep for all those sleepless nights that lie ahead… 

Clothing // Really, I should just omit this one… tents and garbage sacks are starting to look like they might have enough room for me to grow. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
1. Yesterday I had my glucose screen. While I abhor the nasty drink the doc essentially wants you to shotgun, it was so great to hear M²'s little heart beating away. The doctor also informed me my weight is much less now than when I was this far along with Marcus (insert Hallelujah Chorus, here). AND, if M² continues to grow at the current rate she is now, at delivery she will weigh less than her big brother (Marcus was 9lb. 3oz. I was not at all mad to hear that tid bit of info).
It was also brought to my attention as I was driving to my doctor that I should probably try to avoid going into labor around 9AM on a Thursday morning. It took me well over an hour to get to my doctor's office, which is right across the street from the hospital. Yikes.

2. This week was action packed for Marcus and me.
A. Disney
Top L-R: Tea Cups! Dumbo (Marcus' favorite)!
Middle L-R: Dole Whip (because, duh)! Mickey Cake Pop (don't judge my parenting)!
Bottom L-R: The castle! It's A Small World!
B. The aquarium
Top L-R: Big tank! Big bass!
Middle L-R: Jellies! Sharks!
Bottom L-R: Play area! Feeding the Lorikeets!
C. A couple trips to the pool

D. The beach
E. And today we're off to Pump It Up

3. I have high hopes that I will f.i.n.a.l.l.y. be able to share Marcus' big boy room next week. There's just one more item I'm impatiently waiting to be delivered (I've been waiting for well over six weeks for this thing to get to my doorstep!). Once that's here the room will be totally finished and ready to share.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Aaaaaand THIS is why we want to move somewhere warmer and near water. Marcus is living the dream out there! I know the grass is always greener but I just can't do late April in the 40's anymore.... it's too depressing for this warm weather girl. Also, didn't you JUST text me you were preggo and now you only have 15 weeks-ish left?! Looking good!!

  2. Hahah! Don't go into labor on a Thursday morning. Yikes! You look wonderful, lady! Keep that M2 growing!

  3. Oh geesh that sounds like quite the drive. I was glad our hospital is about 3 minutes down the road. When is a good time to go into labor, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  4. What a fun week you guys have had... can you be my mom too?! ;)

  5. Those pictures...Disneyland, the pool, the beach, ahhhh!!!! I know summer is close enough, but man those photos make me a tad jealous!

  6. Love it! Adorable bump! I can't believe how far along you are. My bump was this size at around 7 weeks with Mim! :) Hahaha! You look awesome!

  7. I remember needing 3 fans to make it through the night when I was pregnant with Meeghan. South Texas is not kind to pregnant women. Also, you must have a sweet treat when visiting Disney. It is part of the experience.

  8. You look so cute! And wow, you guys have the best weeks! Disney, aquarium, pool and beach?! I need to come visit.