Week 28

Rolling right along with this pregnancy, week 28, here we are!
Just for fun, here's a comparison of me with Marcus at 28 weeks and M² at 28 weeks. 
Between pregnancies it's clear I've gotten a much better camera, taken advantage of natural lighting, and ditched those glasses.
Size of Baby // This week My Pregnancy app says M² weighs 2 1/4 pound, or about the size of an eggplant, and is about 14.8 (point 8? what?) inches from head to heel.

Cravings // Watermelon. This week Scott brought home the best watermelon of all time, and I can't stay away. Chicken fried rice (so random). Thank goodness I was able to create my own rather than go for takeout. I'm also incredibly susceptible to trigger cravings. Stop posting deliciousness on social media outlets. I'm begging.

Symptoms // The backaches are always around and nagging. My stomach feels so tight, as if it couldn't possibly stretch any farther (and we all know it's going to). I've lost some of that second trimester energy. Then there's lightening crotch <--- This is a real thing that Courtney mentioned not too long ago. I had no idea this actually had a term, but I totally understand what it's all about!

Movement // So much, all the time. The movement is getting to the point where I'll jump because of the jabs, and catch myself letting out an audible, "Oh!"

Miss Anything // Restful sleep. Not peeing every 5 minutes. Running without feeling totally uncomfortable. Being able to bend over with ease. And all the other stuff you can't eat or drink.  

Sleep // This week has been less than stellar in the sleep department. Between all.the.peeing, tossing and turning, and Marcus. Nope. Not really happening. Good practice for the sleepless nights that lie ahead, I suppose.

Clothing // Seriously, there isn't even a point to answering this one anymore. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
1. My doctor called with the results of the glucose retake I endured a week ago. The test came back negative, no gestational diabetes over here (this is precisely what happened when I was pregnant with Marcus, too)!
2. Skyzone. We discovered the wonder of yet another place to bounce around and blow a ton of the never ending energy Marcus has bottled up. Bonus points that the place has Toddler Time.
3. There's a trip to Cabo coming up our very near future. If things are quiet around these parts it's because we're on a beach, or in a pool, and no where near Los Angeles.
This was us in Cabo - exactly SIX YEARS AGO! We had the best time ever.
It was during this trip that I just *knew* I was hanging with a pretty awesome guy, and that one day he'd become my better half.
Scott and I still talk about that trip, and how we agree it is at the top of our favorite vacations together.
Something tells me this trip to Cabo will be equally amazing, but totally different at the same time.
Have a fabulous weekend! 


  1. Third trimester!!!!!! Looking so great! And omg, cabo - so jealous!

  2. Yay 28 weeks! You look great! Watermelon yummmmm! And no gestational diabetes! YES!

    I've never been any place out of the country, but Cabo looks amazing. Russ and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary next June and I need to figure out where we're going!

  3. You look so dang good, momma!! Nothing says "Welcome to the 3rd trimester" quite like having to pee constantly and not sleeping at night. Ugh!
    Mmmm, yes! Watermelon has hit the spot for me as well! And those stupid trigger cravings get me all the time! Especially for any type of dessert! Thank heavens I'm too lazy to actually follow through and bake myself a treat, or go out and buy one. Which is why I come home with the most boring groceries. No treats or else I eat them all!

  4. You guys take the best trips!! So jealous! Have a blast on your vacay!

  5. oh my gosh that is amazing! You guys take such great trips. Bring me!!
    All my pregnancy shots with Aria look just like your first one haha. Terrible lighting. Terrible camera. Minus the glasses I suppose. I so wish I would have known better!!!

  6. So I was hoping I would get some clues as to where we should go to dinner tomorrow night based on this post but I'm not sure I can find a place that serves watermelon, mac and cheese, and fried rice so... I'm going to keep brain storming! LOL

  7. Hehe loved your comments on the comparison photos. You really look about the same size wise though, right?

    So glad your test came back okay!

  8. I am loving your belly! So precious. You look good, Mama. And yay for no diabetes!! Skyzone looks like a blast. We have a few of those indoor trampoline/bounce houses over here, but Nathan is terrified Mason will get hurt. I think we could use a trip to Cabo, too!