The Nautical 'Big Boy' Room

I have been so anxious to share Marcus' big boy room. And now I FINALLY can!
Curtains open.
Curtains closed.
The anchor decal was the start of the nautical inspiration.
A quick pause to give my mom a huge shout out for ALL her help in making this room possible. From searching for the perfect items for the room, to finding just the right placement for it all, she was key in making the nautical room a reality.
See the comforter, pillow shams, and yellow throw pillows? Yeah, she MADE those.
As if simply making the comforter set wasn't enough, she made it REVERSIBLE!
Taking a closer look at the details:
Captain's wheel.
Any of Marcus' books that are remotely water related are on the bed bookshelves.
The dresser has been in Scott's family for almost 75 years. Scott stripped, sanded, and restained the dresser so it would match the bed. We then added new hardware.
The lamp was originally without rope. I felt it looked a little bare. I grabbed some jute from a home improvement store, wrapped it around the lamp base a few times and called it good.
Curtain rod, tie backs, and finials.
Canvas prints (could that outfit have been any more perfect for this room?! May it also be noted that photo was the cause of some serious debate: to hang his picture in his room, or not to hang his picture in his room - obviously I hung it), laundry basket, and trash bin.
The reading area.
I couldn't part with everything from Marcus' nursery, so I made sure to incorporate his infant hand and footprints.
The pillows.
The pillows Marcus sleeps on have the cutest little fish hidden on the interior flap of the pillow case.
And there it is. After months of searching for just the right items, planning the room and its details, and then executing it all (the measuring, the drilling, the hanging of all the stuff!), the room is finally done. 

It's safe to say Marcus' room is easily my favorite room in our house, and I only hope he loves it as much as his momma.

For more info on specific items in the room click on the highlighted links below:
Ship in bottle ornament
Rope "beach" sign
Ships wheel storage bin, Home Goods: similar item found here
"Let's set sail" sign, Home Goods: similar item found here
Gold starfish, Home Goods: similar item found here
Decorative fishing net, Home Goods: similar item found here
Dresser hardware, Home Depot: similar item found here
Small star pillow, found in the Target One Spot


  1. His room is amazing! It looks so, so good! You (and your mom) did an amazing job!

  2. It looks so good! I love that decal and his bed looks SO inviting! Great job!

  3. Amazing!!!! Everything looks so good! And your mom is one talented lady!!

  4. 1. I LOVE IT!
    2. Your mom is AH-MAZING!
    3. I love that you won the debate
    4. I LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Wow- that looks so great!! So many details and everything ties in perfectly! I really really love it. And wow is your mom talented! I need to find someone who can sew like that! :)

  6. Love everything about it!!!! Glad you hung the canvas. You're right--that outfit was made to be hung in this room!!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a lucky little guy! Also, red, blue and yellow will make him a Jayhawk so I'm glad you went with those colors as opposed to ugly purple and gray. :)

  8. Oh my gosh, his room is PERFECT! Dying over all the tiny details that really bring it together. I seriously love it all so much!

  9. That room is awesome! I am always amazed at the craftiness and creativity of others. Do you two want to decorate my house for me? :)

  10. Oh my goodness what an absolutely FABULOUS job. I am so impressed with that bedding to, she did an amazing, amazing job. His room is perfect. I love that it is a theme that is perfect for a little boy, but not one that he will outgrow in a year. Those are always my favorite rooms.

    Now you have me super excited to see what M2's room is going to look like :)!!!!

  11. Adorable!!! Way to go! We're in the process of Aubrey's room.

  12. SOOOO many awesome details. I love it!

  13. I love it! You did a great job! So bright and happy. Love the tiny hand and foot prints..sniff. The bedding is perfection. Awesome!