Week 26

Week 26!
Lately Marcus has been telling anyone who will listen, "I'm a big brother," and he often chats about his baby sister. I figured it was high time to get the little man in on some of these weekly photos.
Next week marks the start of the third trimester. How is this possible?!

Size of Baby // According to My Pregnancy, M² weighs about 1 2/3 pounds and measures 14 inches. If I was comparing her to a veggie, she'd be about as long as a green onion.

Cravings // No notable cravings this week. I don't seem to need to eat every 3.7 seconds either. So that's good news. My butt and hips appreciate that.

Symptoms // My back is absolutely killing me these days. A prenatal massage sure would hit the spot.

Movement // M² is really moving and shaking in there. The ribs on my right side have endured some pretty legit kicks lately.

Miss Anything // Bending over with ease. Not "oofing" and grunting when I stand/get out of bed. Not peeing every 15 minutes (it's so annoying). Running and working out like I'd like. I really miss being able to comfortably run for more than two miles. 

Sleep // Marcus is battling a cold, so sleep is pretty spotty. When I do wake it takes me forever to fall back to sleep. My mind races as I think of the zillions of things that we need to get done before August arrives. Ugh. Someone please send me a nap.

Clothing // I buckled and bought a whole slew of summery tops (can I just say how much it pains me to buy maternity clothes?! They're used for such a short period of time - it kills me!). I knew it was time when Scott pointed out that my belly was peeking out of one of my t-shirts, and he proceeded to laugh at me. No one has time for all of that. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
1. Tuesday marked the last day of chemo for Scott's mom, Katie - HALLELUJAH! Scott was able to fly home and surprise his mom and be with her for her last round. We continue to pray that this battle will soon be won.

2. Marcus and I spent yet another morning at Disney. I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend a few hours. Naturally our first ride was Dumbo (Marcus' favorite). We even tried a new (to us) ride - Autotopia - Marcus LOVED it.
Dumbo. Every. Single. Time.
Upper left: Please note the intense concentration.
Middle left: The tongue is out. You know he's into something when the tongue comes out.
Lower left: Best little date I ever did have.
I asked Marcus at least 100 times what he wanted to do MOST at Disney. His reply? "Eat Mac n Cheese!" I had to oblige.
3. Did you see the Nautical Big Boy room that was finally finished in the last week? I heart that room so hard.
4. Last week I had my glucose screen. My results came back "abnormal," so I have to retake the test. Apparently my "numbers are right on the line," whatever that means. Monday morning I'll drink that nasty drink yet again. While it's not much fun, I don't mind the extra little check up on M².
My heart has exploded.
Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I hate the glucose test. ugh. I had to do the 3 hour test for one of my kids, luckily I passed that one, but still!
    Love the disney pics!

  2. Marcus is such a cute kid! I swear he never takes a bad picture. I am glad Scott was able to go home to see his mom. Chemo sucks. Dumbo is a favorite in our house as well. We ride it every time we go to the Magic Kingdom.

  3. You are moving right along! Can't believe you are right on top of your last trimester already! Have you been buying little Miss anything yet?

  4. Bummer about the glucose test! I had to retake it when I was pregnant with Aubrey. I hope I pass on the first time this time!

  5. Aw dang about the glucose test!

    You look great! Almost to 3rd tri!!!

  6. So jealous of all the times you get to go to Disney with Marcus!

  7. I love your little hint to Scott. I hope he's reading the blog and you get your wish on Sunday!
    You're looking good mama! I can't believe you are so close to the 3rd trimester!
    Those pictures with Marcus are SO SWEET!

  8. I can't believe you'll be in the 3rd trimester already!! I love the photos with Marcus this week - so cute! And I am continually jealous of all of your local Disney trips. I keep putting off buying maternity clothes, because I agree with you- they're so expensive when you only wear them for a short period of time. Where did you buy some of yours from?

  9. I love Marcus's room! You look so great!

  10. I love that he tells everyone he’s a big brother. That’s the sweetest! He’s going to be the best big brother. You are still looking great my friend. Love all of the pictures!

  11. He is just the sweetest those mommy and Marcus shots are killing me.

    All your Disney time. Girl I am crazy crazy jealous. I think I'll move out west.