Week 27

Third trimester, here we are!
I'm trying to wrap my head around the idea having a mere 91 days left until my due date. While many days are spent lamenting over how long pregnancy feels, it truly is flying by.
Size of Baby // My Pregnancy app says this week M² is almost 2 pounds and about 14 1/2 inches long. If I were at the grocery store I could compare M² to a head of cauliflower.

Cravings // Donuts. Everyone and their mother was posting pics on IG of donuts this past week/weekend. Sunday I caved and made my guys take me to get donuts after church. People, seriously stop posting pictures of all your delicious foods. It generally makes for instant trigger cravings.

Symptoms // Normally I tend to be cold all the time. Right now? Nope. I'm ALWAYS hot. Summer is going to be real fun… It's a safe bet you'll be finding me belly up in the pool.  Then there are the backaches. Oy. That fun started up a couple weeks ago, and I'm sure it's here to stay, or at least for the next 13 weeks.

Movement // All the time. M² is moving, shaking, kicking, and jabbing away. The movements are pretty big, and sometimes a bit uncomfortable.

Miss Anything //  Besides the typical stuff you're forbidden to have during pregnancy I really miss being able to easily pick Marcus up. It makes us both a little bit sad when I can't just swoop him up when he holds his arms up.

Sleep // It's actually gotten a little better. Though Marcus still wakes a few times a night (oh my gosh child, why can't you just sleep through the night?!!), sleep isn't terrible. However, something (the need to pee) or someone (hi, Marcus!) usually has me up around 4AM, and I can't fall back asleep - makes for early bedtimes for this momma. 

Clothing // All the things stretchy and forgiving. 

Best Part of the Week/ Looking Forward To… //
1. Mother's Day my guys sure did spoil me. I didn't make a single meal, didn't do a lick of laundry and got in a few good workouts and solid naps. I was also surprised with some beautiful flowers, an awesome family photo printed on metal, and an addition to my Mother's Day book Scott started for me last year.
The flowers // The metal print // The Mother's Day book
Of all the things to receive for Mother's Day, the handmade, personalized book that Scott has put together and updates each year, is by far my favorite and most priceless gift.
Each year Scott picks a few photos (out of the hundreds? thousands? I've taken over the course of that year and incorporates them into the book. I never know which photos he will select and I love the thoughtfulness he puts into it.
This year Marcus added his own touch by adding a little paint (see bottom middle photo), and I added the cards the guys gave me (see bottom right photo).
Can every day be Mother's Day?

2. Marcus and I have had a few fun day-dates this week.
Chuck E. Cheese.
If you go right when they open (on a weekday) there are generally no other kids in the place. It's awesome.
Pump It Up.
Pegging mom with the cannonball air blaster is hilariously fun work.
Weather permitting (we're actually forecasted to get rain today!), we're going to try and sneak in a quick trip to Disneyland this morning.

3. Items are trickling in for M²'s nursery. Slowly but surely her room is coming together. If you didn't get a peek at the room inspirations earlier in the week here's another little teaser as to what I have in mind for that space.
Have a great weekend! 


  1. You look fabulous my dear! Also, how heart warming is that Mom's Day book!!! I love love love that! So very special! How does your pregnancy hormones handle the sweetness?

  2. Pregnancy is both fast and slow. I guess it starts then the whole long days short years. I for one never felt that way before having Aria! I mistyped Aria to Arfia and now I can't stop giggling...I mean maybe I need more coffee ha.
    Food pictures are my downfall all the time. Many a random craving is caused by IG.
    And that mother's day book is the sweetest thing! I mean you clearly over document your little heart out like most of us bloggers do, but it is even sweeter coming from dad and just a few he likes the best. I love it.

  3. No joke, that happened to me when I was pregnant with Mason. I didn't crave anything until someone else had it and I wanted it NOW. Everyday i would bring my lunch to work and someone else would have something else and I wanted nothing to do with my lunch. It was awful.
    That Mother's Day gift is the SWEETEST EVER. Scott did real good!!! He's a keeper :) just in case you were on the fence about it LOL. jk Scott!
    Where did you find those Iowa and Kansas prints?! I love the gold!

  4. Yeah IG is horrible if you're trying to make wise food choices! lol! You look great! Less than a hundred days! Wow! :)

  5. You look fab! What a sweet book Scott does for you! Love it!!

  6. I'm a tad behind on blog reading, but that Mother's Day book!!! Omg I love it! I sort of want to do my own because, let's be honest, my hubby would never do such a thing! Ha! Love the Kansas and Iowa nursery prints, too!

  7. Scott did awesome on Mother's Day!

  8. Hehe! I am now on a strict nutrition plan so I assure you I will no longer be posting donut pictures... and this breaks my heart. Well, maybe not no longer but definitely few and far between.

    You look beautiful friend. Your Mothers Day looked pretty fantastic too!

  9. Okay, it’s official…you’re the cutest pregnant lady in all of the land!! Glad sleep is getting somewhat better!! And all of the moving in your belly…I miss that so much! Such an incredible feeling to feel your sweet baby moving inside of you. Indescribable, really! Looks like you had a great Mother’s day! Woohoo! Your boys did good! And how cute is he on that cannon ball air blaster? He looks like a Pro! Too fun!