High Five - The Pre-Move Edition

This week has been something else. I don't know what Marcus' deal has been, but he's been waking up earlier than usual (5:15AM? Ugh, no thank you), he has thrown several epic tantrums, and has just been SUPER crabby. I suspect either A) he's getting the cold I had two weeks ago or B) we're battling the 2-year molars. Either way, zero fun and momma is tired.

It's Friday, and for that I'm thankful. There are a few great things to highlight from this week, so let's get crackin'.

1) We have a closing date on our place. Looks like March 13, or possibly earlier (fingers crossed!!), we will have keys to a place that is actually *ours*.
2) Because of the quickly approaching move, I have been going through the house and purging crap we don't use/need/want any more. If we haven't seen it, used it, or worn it in the last year it is time to get rid of it. This week I've been to Goodwill four (FOUR!) times and dropped off an average of three big, FULL bags per trip. Getting rid of all the unnecessary excess has been fabulous.
3) Along with cleaning out the house, I have started boxing things up. I'm hoping this will make our lives a lot easier in the next few weeks. Feeling rushed to get packed up is the worst.
4) While I've been diligently cleaning, purging and packing, I've also been thinking of ways to give our new place a fresh look. Both the guest bedroom and our bedroom are going to get a little face lift. New bedding for the win!
5) While we wait for the keys to our new place we have been busy working on planning a full kitchen renovation. A design has been drawn up, cabinets have been picked, and we have begun our search for countertops (who knew there were EIGHT BILLION different colors of granite to choose from?!). I cannot WAIT to see everything come together.
Left: Kitchen floor plan
Right: Slab after slab of granite
Cheers to the weekend!


  1. How exciting to be closing soon on your new home!! I can't wait to see your renovations! I sure hope Marcus gets back to his normal routine. It's no fun getting up that early. :-( Have a great weekend.

  2. So exciting! I'm so happy everything worked out. Just think, by the time summer rolls around you'll be settled in your new place and all of this will be behind you. Also....Marcus, give your mama a break, would ya? ;)

  3. How exciting! You will have to post pictures!!

    1. I'm taking pictures of the entire reno process! Can't wait to see it all done!

  4. I hope you do a before and after home tour! I love seeing what people do with their new digs to make them "home"!

  5. That bed set looks a little brown to me

  6. This will be fun to watch the renovations take place. Have a good weekend :)

  7. Those molars are the worst! I hope the crabbiness leaves soon.

    I can't wait to see the renovations! I am so envious you will be homeowners. I am so tired of living in rentals.

  8. I so relate to this whole post! Yay for a kitchen reno and bedroom makeovers!!

  9. Yay for moving soon! I can't wait to see pictures of the reno!
    And tell Marcus that wake up time is completely unacceptable! How long til they can make coffee and bring it to us before waking us up?? Kidding. Sorta...

  10. How exciting. I can't wait to see the new house and all the new stuff you find.

  11. One of the best things about moving is the purging! I used to keep so much crap and now I let it all go! I have moved tons and still every time, I get so excited to go through and get rid of any stuff I don't want around anymore! It always feels so good :) I am so excited to see the new place and all you do with it! Congrats again!

  12. How freaking exciting!!! The bedroom makeover and kitchen remodel are going to be amazing!! Love the pics. I have done full bathroom remodels and agree, the cabinets and granite and oy! It's a lot!! Good job packing... I am not looking forward to that come spring. Fortunately the Army hires movers to do most of it (yay for strangers touching all my stuff...). So excited for your family!!!!!

  13. i am glad that you are enjoying some of these moving aspects!! yay!!! new kitchen and new bedding! i love both!
    and 530am is insanely early. i immediately thought of the molars! OH NO!!!!

  14. I can't wait to see pics of your new digs!!! And your new kitchen!!! We had an epic garage sale before we moved, got rid of a lot of 'crap'. Also made trips to Goodwill, felt so good to purge and know I wasn't moving a bunch of stuff we didn't need. But guess what -- I have boxes in the basement that haven't been opened since we moved (decorating stuff), which was 3 yrs ago!!!! I keep telling myself to just go down there, grab them and get them to Goodwill but I haven't done it yet. Soon I hope!