23 Months Old!

Dear Marcus,

Here we are, another month in the books. You are *almost* two. How is that possible?! When did that happen?! I'd be lying if I told you a wasn't a tiny little bit sad that you're no longer a baby, but a little boy.

Each day your dad and I watch you in amazement. So often I'll say, "Marcus is just so awesome." Because, well, you are.
Unofficial Stats
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 32.5 pounds
Clothes: 2T/3T
Shoes: 7
Diapers: Size 6(!)
It's almost as if one morning you woke up and decided to repeat everything we say. Everything. More often than not, if we ask you to say a word you oblige. There isn't much you won't say, except "please." You REFUSE to say please. You go around saying, "Thanks, Mom," "Thanks, Dad," all.day.long. But, ask you to say "please"? Forget about it. There may have also been the time in Target when something was a bit upsetting and I mumbled "Damn" under my breath. You were quick to chirp up and announce "DAMN!" as we made our way through the check-out. Yikes. The filter has been noted and applied.

Not much has changed here. You prefer to be outside, and if we are going to get specific, you love playing in the dirt and getting dirty. You are mildly obsessed with your football and bring it with you where ever you go (even to bed). It seems as if you're thisclose to figuring out the pedals on your tricycle. We'll keep working on that.

I've completely stopped making you any special meals. You are served what we eat and it's amazing how much your palate has expanded. You aren't a huge fan of meats, other than hot dogs, and you always love some mac and cheese. But, it's nice that you're getting into edemame, peas, chicken nuggets, rice, and pudding. Buddy, you would live off pudding if I let you.
You have completely given up on eating with spoons and forks made specifically for toddlers. You will only eat with the real deal. It also seems as if the food on our plates is more appetizing that what is on yours - even though it is always the exact same thing.

We haven't dealt with sickness for awhile, thank goodness. For that, your sleep has been great. You're in bed by 8PM and up between 6:00 and 6:30AM.
Each day you nap after lunch for anywhere from two to three hours. There are days you have a difficult time transitioning out of your nap to fully awake. On those days our afternoons can be kind of rocky.

Although we are still a month out from you turning 2 you have already displayed you are aware of the Terrible Twos. Thankfully, you are generally in a good mood most hours of most days. You are aware of things you should and should not do. When you are caught doing something you shouldn't you give me this stinky little grin (see below). It comes as no surprise that the thing that makes you happiest it the outdoors.

These last 23 months have been such a ride. You've shown me more in two years than I ever thought possible. Little man, you are seriously so cool.
You are my world, Monkey, my whole world.

I love you to the moon and back. Twice.



  1. I feel like it was just YESTERDAY when we got the announcement in the mail that you were preggo!! Crazy that was like 3 years ago. :)

  2. He is the cutest thing ever!!! And, can we talk about how I think he and Brady are almost the same size? Brady weighs like 35 pounds.

    Just wait until he is almost six and you have to sign him up for K. That is the biggest sucker punch ever!!

  3. I so wish I would have done these when my kids were little. So awesome!

  4. Such a handsome little man! I love that sweater he's wearing too. Yay for copying except the bad word -- I'm lucky that hasn't happened (yet)! We just moved Callie up to size 6 diapers too and I realize it's probably time to get serious about potty training or i'm going to run out of diapers that fit! :)

  5. Is it weird that I can't believe he's going to be 2? I started reading your blog and he was like 8 or 9 months old. I love his little smile/smirk.

    a 2 year old?!!!!!
    he wasn't close to 2 when i met/found you!
    which was like, yesterday??

  7. I just can't believe how much he is growing and changing right before my eyes. I love how face as it always seems to be saying "Yup, I'm up to something".

  8. Those dimples are adorable! I can't believe he will be two in a month. He is growing up so fast!

  9. I love that you do these monthly updates, they are going to be so invaluable to you and Marcus as he gets older! I'm excited I get a 'do over' w/ Tate so I can make better notes about him - I sucked w/ the boys. :(

    Can't wait for the birthday post! :)

  10. Marcus is growing up so fast! I cannot wait for the birthday post! I am still trying to get Olivia's up. Maybe I will work on that tonight! ha!

  11. He is so so so adorable! Love his blonde hair and cute smile :)

  12. Sweet big boy, he is such a cutie!! I can't believe you are planning a 2nd birthday party either - Parker's is in May but I'm doing the planning now since his little brother will be here before the party day. I love that he is saying so much, that is so fun! Funny that he won't say please, they get little notions sometimes don't they. So glad he's such a good eater, makes it so much easier!!! Happy 23 months Marcus!!