A Day in the Life

For the longest time I've been meaning to do a 'day in the life' of Marcus post. But, each time I think I'll get around to it I don't. Though I wish I'd done more of these in the last 23 months, I now know why I don't do these. They're a lot of work. On any given day I've got a camera in my kid's face at least once. But, try to document an entire day? That's a lot of camera. 

At any rate, this is primarily for me (and Marcus someday), just to see what our days look like right at this moment.

Note: please bare with the excess of pictures. I figured they could do a better job telling the story of our day than I can in words. 

Between 5:30-6:30AM, wake up!!
Immediately upon waking it's straight to the milk.
It takes both Marcus and me some time to fully wake. When he shows interest in educational iPad games I fully oblige in his requests to play them while I gulp down my pot of coffee.
7:00AM - breakfast!
I've never been a huge breakfast eater, so Marcus generally gets something simple, like a bowl of Cheerios and some sliced fruit.
Brushing those pearly whites.
8:00 AM - Marcus and I head back upstairs. I get myself pulled together (i.e. change from pajamas to workout clothes and hair goes up into a pony tail) while Marcus happily plays with the toys in his room.
8:30 AM - After a quick change from pjs to every day wear, we head outside to let Marcus to blow off some energy and take Drake out.
Most of our mornings continue outside. Side walk chalk on the back patio. Lifesaver. Our kitchen opens to the patio, so I'll send Marcus out there to get dirty play while I get things done around the house.
Sometimes if Marcus doesn't think I'm paying attention he'll get the animals in on the fun. And then he colors them, as well as the cement.
10:00AM - Gymboree. We attend class once a week, generally on Tuesday or Wednesday.
11:30AM - lunch! Nothing fancy here. Just a PB&J, edemame, and some clementines.
12:30 - 2:30/3:00 PM - NAP TIME!!
3:00 PM - Snacks and sips while catching a few clips of Mickey Mouse Club House while fully waking up.
3:30 PM - Guess where we go? Outside. Naturally.
4:00 PM - Collect the mail.
More outdoor play. If there's a puddle within a 20 mile radius Marcus WILL find it.
5:00 PM - Marcus insists on helping feed Drake.
5:30/6:00 PM - Dad's home!!!! By this point in the day Marcus and I are both more than happy to have Scott home.
6:00 PM - Supper. We've been diligent in serving Marcus the same food we eat at mealtimes. So far his palate has expanded exponentially.
6:30 PM - We're back outside to blow out the last bits of steam before the day ends.
7:00 PM - Bath time. Splish splash, pretty sure this is Marcus' favorite time of day. 
7:30 PM - Squeezing in as much play as possible.
7:45 PM - Books and prayers.
8:00 PM - Lights out!

Phew! Tired? Me too. And, then we repeat it all again in less than 10 hours.


  1. Can I just say, that I love M? He reminds me so much of Brady, especially that crazy blonde/white hair! I didn't know S dressed up for work.

  2. It wore me out just reading this! Looks like M is looking under Drake's 'undercarriage' in that one pic. :) Also, I love his post-bath handsomely combed hair. SO CUTE!

  3. This post is so great! You keep him so busy, I love it. It was fun to see how his day and yours is. Fun post :)

  4. It's so awesome that you can spend so much time outside. Makes me wish we had a milder climate here. And a better yard :)

  5. So adorable! I love that he loves to spend so much time outside! That is great!

  6. You guys stay busy! My day is boring compared to yours!

  7. i dread the day C wakes up that early!!!! this post sounds like the day goes by quickly, but oh how i know thats not always true.

  8. I loooove that pic of him in the morning with his milk!! Saaaame look Mace has in the mornings when he's wanting his milk!

  9. Oh, I love it! It was on my list to do a day in the life post this week, but...uh...yeah. Gotta take the pictures first! So maybe next week? And hats off to you! I don't know why people even think that stay at home moms just sit around eating and watching tv! It's a lot of work!

  10. Oh man, he has a case of the mornings in that second pic! That is how I look, Aria is all rainbows and butterflies. And, I love the pic eating his cereal - my gosh look at his eyes, so pretty. I love Drake and I cannot believe your cat let him chalk on his head... What do you mean nothing fancy - that looks like a mickey mouse shaped pb&j to me! Fancy in my book =) Wow Scott certainly looks spiffy at his job. Aria has always gotten whatever we eat, but she would not eat broccoli - until this week, she asked dad for some of his broccoli from lunch and ate it and then wanted more. Where did this kid come from?! Bath time is the best, love the O sticking to his side. (sorry about the bullet point type comments, who needs flow anyways...)

  11. awww....what a great little life!! I am sure you are exhausted by the end of the day!!

    Laura @ Mice in The Kitchen

  12. our days are very similar but I'm exhausted reading your day! :) I love him eating cereal with a spoon - so grown up!!

  13. So jealous of all your outside play! That is awesome! I can't believe Marcus doesn't need a bib when he eats. Hayden is MESSY!

    I see he has a pillow in his crib...I've been wondering when we should give Hayden one. And how do you choose what kind/how thick, etc. to give him. I wonder about the strangest things ha!