Where I'm From

Yesterday I read an article, written by a University of Iowa professor, proclaiming how backward Iowa is, and how it's a disgrace political candidate would choose Iowa as his or his first stop along the campaign trail. The author's article didn't stop with the campaign. The whole article (four pages) was riddled with insults and slams, not only about the state, but the people as well. Unacceptable.

 Should you decide to read this clown's article, keep in mind while you're reading the rubbish, this pompous ass isn't a native. In fact, he's from San Francisco.

Let me tell you something, I LOVE IOWA. Though I no longer reside there, I always look forward to returning. What I wouldn't give for open land, smiling faces, traffic - or lack thereof, and the security I feel when I'm home (and all of Iowa is home to me).

Iowa might not have huge cities cities with glitz and glamor, or a zillion people populating it. Guess what? That's the way we like it. That's what makes the place so special, and the reason Iowans are so proud to be Iowans.

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