Christmas Wrapping

I'm not sure what I enjoy more, the purchasing of Christmas gifts, the wrapping of Christmas gifts, or the giving of Christmas gifts... Ok, the giving is the most fun. :)

Maybe you're like me, and once you've wrapped all your gifts you're left with eight zillion random little pieces of wrapping paper that you know won't wrap anything, but the pieces are just too big to justifiably throw away. Let me introduce you to my newest gift wrapping obsession, courtesy of Pinterest.
The greatest solution to all those random pieces, and less expensive than going out and buying over priced bows!
1) Start with your random sized piece of wrapping paper. 
2) Fold paper in half. 
3) Cut strips in folded paper. 
4) GENTLY run a scissors over strips, as you would with a piece of ribbon (GENTLY, GENTLY, GENTLY! My first run with this I pulled a few strips right off, oops).

5) Side one, all curled.
6) Side two, all curled.
7) Fold the base in half (sometimes I fold the base a few times to fit the size of the gift being wrapped).
8) Fluff curls to desired look.

Wa-laa - a solution to the scrap piece of wrapping paper while easing up on your checking account!