Eight Unique Gift Ideas

I wasn't sure I'd have a blog today. These past few days I've reverted to old favorites in the kitchen, so no new recipes. A Baby Macke update isn't scheduled until next week. And, I'm just not crafty enough to post on handmade goodies (making your own Christmas bows out of scrap wrapping is about as crafty as I get).

Have no fear, I did a little research and I've found a few items that would make some pretty spectacular Christmas gifts for those hard-to-shop-for friends and family in your life.

For the Foodies in Your Life
The Banana Guard
Go ahead and pull this little banana saver out of your lunch bag at work. You're sure to be the talk of the office.

The Macho Man's Egg Pan
Nothing screams "TOTALLY AWESOME BREAKFAST!" like these pans. Get the day started off right with eggs in kick-butt shapes.

For the Heath Nut
The Shake Weight
I know, I know. This isn't a new product. Seriously though, I bet your workout-a-holic doesn't have one of these... Yet. You know that gym rat wants one of these but is just too shy to pull the trigger and buy one. Be a sweetie and get it for them.

For the Caffeine Nut 
Fuzzy Coffee Sleeve
You're pretty much getting two birds with one stone with this one. The cup of joe stays warm, AND it looks stylish. Wouldn't this look great with some boots with the fur.

For the Fashionista 
I THINK these go under those gloves that don't have the finger tips. What's not to love about a little more protection for your hands?!

For the Mother/Expectant Mother
The Baby Snuggie
Ditch the Baby Bjorn. This is MUCH more stylish.

I seriously love this. A friend of mine sent it to us, and I truly think it's genius. This nifty little contraption is for those baby boys who think it's funny to give mom/dad/whomever a good spray during the diaper change. Just slip the Wee Block over little man's little parts and you've prevented an unwelcome shower. Ingenious!

For the Wino
Oh. My. Gosh. I saw this and immediately wanted one! Though wine isn't on my menu for a few more months I. Want. This! Talk about the greatest wine accessory. Ever. Just freeze the corkcicle, add it to your wine of choice, and poof, chilled wine! So flippin' awesome!

There you have it. Eight fabulous Christmas gifts you should seriously consider.

Note: All of the aforementioned products are real, and do exist. Should you wish to purchase any/all products links are provided with each product title. Might I seriously suggest the WeeBlock and Corkcicle.

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