Holy Rain, Batman!

Dear Southern Californians,

It's JUST RAIN, not the Apocalypse! I know it may SEEM like a big deal, but in reality (reality [ree-al-i-tee]: noun, state or quality of being real, something most SoCal'ers know little about), it's NOT. I promise you. Just spend a spring, summer, and fall in the Midwest and you'll soon discover that a day of sprinkles and light rain (which is what mostly occurs here) is nothing, I repeat NOTHING to freak out over. 

To the news crews that were out in FULL force "reporting" on the rain... Give me a jingle when you're standing on I-80, or I-35, in the middle of Iowa, smack dab in a FULL FLEDGED white-out blizzard, and THEN get back to me on your "breaking news." 

Hey, Mr. I-Drive-A-Very-Expensive-Vehicle, blinkers are not optional just because your car is worth more than all of my assets, combined. Rainy days are no exception. Use the stinkin' blinker! There are five to eight lanes of traffic, we have no idea which lane you're going to squeeze into next.

Oh, and to the drivers out there that insist on having your windshield wiper speed set to ridiculous, turn it down a notch (or 10). The wiper blade doesn't have to practically fly off your vehicle to get the job done.  


Yesterday I had a doctors appointment up in the city and had the pleasure of fighting all the *amazing* drivers in the "elements." What an experience that was. I allowed plenty of time to travel the 25 miles. When I say plenty of time, I mean TWO hours. Just how long did it take me to travel those 25 miles? One hour and 45 minutes. For those of you who have been pregnant, are pregnant, or live with a pregnant woman, you know an hour and 45 minutes is an ETERNITY without a restroom.

At one point, on one of the freeways I was forced to travel upon, it took three and a half minutes to travel 3/4 of a mile. Insane.

Upon arriving at my doctors office I came to a few conclusions... Baby M better not decide to arrive on a Monday, during rush hour, when it's raining!
Top photo: I couldn't resist taking a photo of the dude, on his dirt bike/moped, cruising down the Harbor Freeway. I bet he was wishing he would have taken the public transit... 
Bottom photo: This just doesn't do the traffic backup any justice. To put in perspective, I was traveling (more like parked) at a rate that allowed me to safely find my camera in my purse, get the camera out of the camera case, turn the camera on, and put it on the setting I wanted, point, zoom and click. 

Now that I'm off my soap box, on to other news...

At the doctor we were treated to another ultrasound due to some technical difficulties with the doppler (equipment that would have allowed us to hear Baby M's heart beat). Woohoo for us! Everything is looking great with Baby M. One tiny exception... Baby M is currently in full breach position. He'd best figure out where his head needs to be in about three months!

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