Houdini Dog

Just when I thought we'd outsmarted our four-legged child, Drake, he goes and proves he's smarter than I often give him credit.

As we found in our previous apartment, it took some skill - and a lot of cat food consumed by Drake - to find a spot which our cat could get to the food, but Drake could not.

In our new home I thought we'd found another great spot. We've been in the new place since September, and the cat food (which was placed waaaaaay under our bed) hadn't been discovered or touched by Drake... Until this weekend.

Drake somehow Houdini'd himself under our bed, a few times, this weekend. I'm picturing Drake army crawling towards the food, and then just shimmying his way back out. My guess, Drake consumed a total of at least four pounds of cat food. We're still working on running off all that food, as well as getting the distended stomach to return to its normal shape and size.

If you have any four-legged children that you've had to out-smart, please share!!!

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