Wall Crawl - Babes in Long Beach

What does one do with a free Friday? Convince a friend to take a day off work and partake in a wall crawl... With kids.

So, we totally made up the term wall crawl. Essentially it's just like a bar crawl... Minus the booze. However, it was complete with a wobbly toddler and a couple of not-so coordinated boys. So, keeping three kids upright felt just like the end of a bar crawl. And, bonus points for no headaches the following morning.

When I pitched Liz the idea of going on a wall hunt around Long Beach I knew she'd be game. Since our fellow blogger/'gram/real life friend Erin has showed us that walls can be really, really pretty, finding walls has become a fun little game (though I'm pretty sure Scott doesn't fully agree on this). 

I plotted out a few walls throughout the city of Long Beach, and though it rained all. morning. long. that didn't stop us from hitting a few very artsy facades. 

Wall One
Located on the side of a record store, this mural is huge, and has a lady? mermaid? on it as well (see the purple hair on the left side of the wall?).
Mural by @sarah_joncas
Toxic Toast Records: 757 Pine Avenue, Long Beach
Wall Two
I'm not sure if this counts as a second wall, as it is the same wall as pictured above. However, it gets it's own dedicated space since it is a completely different mural. It's kind of weird, and funky, and fun.
Toxic Toast Records, 757 Pine Avenue, Long Beach
Mural by @evahscat
Wall Three
Easily my favorite wall of the day, as I'm partial to blue. It covered the entire face of this building, and capturing the whole piece was impossible. Also note, Julia was not at all feeling this. Shocking.
InterTrend Communications, 228 East Broadway, Long Beach
Mural by @htzk
Wall Four
Another massive, colorful mural that I simply wasn't able to capture in one frame. I believe, from afar this is an imagine of a baby sleeping on a pelican. Liz and I both agreed from a distance this mural was kind of weird. But, up close the colors were really pretty.
Mark Schneider Fine Jewelry, 245 The Promenade North, Long Beach
Mural by @telmomiel
Wall Five
After all those walls we thought a stop a the Aquarium to let the kids run free was probably a good idea. The mural on this wall was just icing on the cake to our wall-filled day.
Aquarium of the Pacific, 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach
Mural by @pantonio.o
Wall Six
After the aquarium we thought we were done, but then we realized we were a mere five minutes from just one more wall. Naturally we had to go.
Another one that took up the entire wall, and made it impossible to capture the full image.

Super Suds Laundromat & Wash and Fold, 250 Alamitos Avenue, Long Beach
Mural by Gail Werner
I have to give a massive shout out to the kids for going along with our crazy antics of finding walls and simply running around in front of them. I'm sure it wasn't their idea of the best day ever, but I think it's safe to say both Liz and I enjoyed our adult hunt for pretty painted buildings.

Don't be too surprised if more wall crawls are in our  very near future. ;)


  1. How fun!! And what awesome walls, even better to share them with a friend. :)

  2. Who knew that Long Beach had so many cool walls. And the kids did great, holy cow I don't know if mine would still be standing after the 2nd wall!

  3. This is so much fun. And I love love love the photo of the boys together.

  4. How fun! I hope you'll do one a little to the North - I'd love to know where some are near me (Torrance)! :-)

  5. This is seriously so neat! I want to go wall crawling, lol. I highly doubt we have as many great ones as you do. I think the kids did excellent!

  6. So awesome. I love Julia looking at the ground and wandering around!

  7. These walls are so cool! I definitely need to do a wall crawl in Des Moines once it gets nicer!

  8. I want to go on a wall crawl with you guys!

  9. I had so much fun despite the rain and despite the fact that the kids weren't fully cooperative. BUT we must do it again! My favorite, and I didn't even notice this before, was the one where it looks like Marcus and Mason are telling secrets and Julia is running away. Sad because I know she was pissed and so not in to it, but funny and cute because I feel like this is a glimpse into the teenage years lol.
    PS Mason has been asking about Marcus EVERY DAY so we must plan a date to get together again soon!

  10. The wall crawl is such a cute idea & it turned out to be nothing like I was imagining(kids walking across the tops of said walls) but finding pretty ones to photograph with the kids looks fun too! I think my favorite wall is the last one you got after the aquarium. Such a pretty color palette, not that I didn't like the other colors I just found that one to be particularly soothing.

  11. You guys totally WIN! You have the coolest walls around. I am going to do some research and see if I can find any cool walls around here.

  12. You have the coolest walls in your area!

  13. Stop. Just stop. I feel like I'm on repeat here. So. many. great. walls. And shots, as well! Love that Mason got to join! (And yes, I'm playing major blog-reading catchup here!)