Julia || 18 Months

A year and a half has gone right on by. While we won't celebrate with a cake or anything too fancy, I might have to slip over to our favorite donut shop and split a glazed donut with my favorite little lady. She and I share an affinity for those, and splitting one seems a mighty fine way to celebrate another six months gone by.

To the update!
Height: 32.5 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 21.15 pounds (15th percentile)
Teeth: 16
Keeping up with Marcus.
Laughing and making others laugh.
Being outside.
Getting wet and dirty.
Riding in her tricycle.
Music of all genres.
Books - particularly the touch-and-feel and lift-the-flap books.
Mickey Mouse - even though she's never watched an entire episode of MMCH.
Dancing - shaking a tail-feather is her favorite.
Shoes - particularly her rain boots, and shoes that are too big for her (like Marcus' and mine).
Attempting to go up and down stairs like a big kid.
Strangers who come at her abruptly.
Hearing the word no.
Cooperating for pictures.
Diaper changes - still.
Sleeping in past 4:30/5a.m.
The garbage truck.
It seems as if Julia has slowed down a bit in the way of new words, however, she loves to babble non-stop, and is also a fan of the high-pitched girly scream (of which I'm none too fond).
Other notable moments
A few weeks ago we signed up for Gymboree, and Julia seems to really enjoy it. She's still a little leery of the teacher, but the music, dancing, and bubbles are right up her alley. I'm loving the one-on-one time with Julia, and a few times I found myself flooded with memories and emotions of doing the same songs and activities with Marcus when he was this age.
Last week Julia landed in the ER for her second round of RSV as well as a nasty ear infection. It was quite the traumatic experience for both of us. Thankfully Julia is feeling much better this week due to antibiotics and breathing treatments.
Julia has some of the most delicious little curls and I hope she hangs on to those for a very long time.
Speaking of hair, recently Julia has been on a kick of selection her own accessories: bows and shoes. For most of the photos pictured today I tried to get Julia to wear the neutral/gold bow, but she insisted on the pink headband. 
Cheers to the spunk, the sass, the snuggles, the mischief, the attitude, the laughter, and all that's in between! Onward we move to month 19! 


  1. I can't even!!!!

    Oh man, Tenley is a master of the high pitched girly scream, and Tate totally eggs her on with it so I hear OFTEN! I feel for you! :)

    Those curls, that hair!!!! JEALOUS!!! And so swooning over here! Goodness, she's such a dolly!

  2. Those curls!! She is just precious. I am happy to hear she is feeling better. Poor girl got hit hard.

  3. I just laughed out loud in my cubicle when I read she dislikes the garbage truck. I'm not sure why I found that so funny but one of my co-workers just asked me if I was okay. Also, I don't blame her for not liking when strangers just come right up to her. I don't like that as an adult! She is adorable as per usual though!

  4. Somehow I missed this!
    Oh, Julia, happy 18 month birthday!!! I love her list of loves that includes snacks and extremely dislike that she doesn't like to sleep in past 4:30/5am and that she doesn't like cooperating for photos. Come on sweet girl, sleep is SO GOOD and pictures are fun! Maybe 19 months will bring some sense in to her ;)

  5. I just love her! So, so cute! She and Calvin would be fun together. He is all about the shoes - especially boots! And mouse is in his vocab from Mickey, too! I just love her beautiful curls, too!

  6. Updates are always bittersweet. Yes, those curls are just to die for!!

  7. What a sweet and precious little babe! I just adore her.

  8. I love that dress. And HOW is she already a year and a half!!