M & J Monday

The ocean has lost 
her baby teeth.
They're shells 
upon the shore.
And every day 
she grows new teeth.
Each night 
she loses more.
She spreads 
her teeth 
upon the beach.
I gather up a pile.
I bring them home 
so I can keep
a piece 
of ocean smile.
Happy Monday!

Shell Teeth
~Amy Ludwig VanDerwater


  1. Their outfits are adorable!! OMG I just love them. Such fun photos.

  2. LOVE their coordinating outfits! And I see Julia can smile for a picture ;) Are these the tide pools you were telling me about?

  3. Oh I love seeing Scott in the photos. The kids will love having these photos to look back on when they are grown.

  4. What a cool beach! I waver between white sand or the rocky beaches that you know have shells and sea glass just waiting to be discovered.

  5. Awww, these are too cute and I love that poem, so darling.