The - We're Together Again! - Edition

For the past two weeks Scott's been away for work training. The kids and I managed to survive that time with no injuries and no serious illnesses. Total success.

I know two weeks is but a drop in the bucket compared to some families - I'm looking at all the military families out there. During the past two weeks I gained an even greater appreciation for the moms and dads who do this gig solo on the regular. It's no easy feat, and hats off to anyone who mans this ship alone.

But, two weeks have come and gone, and today Scott is finally home!

Taking a look at the highlights:

1. Woohoo!
Marcus did such a good job helping decorate the sign I made to welcome Scott home. I thought surely a few letters would receive a couple of dabs of paint. I was pleasantly surprised when Marcus wanted to do all the letters, did a good job staying in the lines, and then wanted to paint the rest of the paper. We easily killed 30 minutes with this little project.
We're pretty proud of Scott and all he accomplished while he was away!

2. No excuses to keep on moving!
I have a goal to run a 5k by the end of today, with both kids, with sub-10min/miles. Wish me luck!
I was really concerned my workouts would take a hit with Scott being away. Luckily, I found my big girl panties and just rolled with the punches... By way of pushing a stroller - sometimes with two kiddos in tow - for every run. Boom.

3. Great neighbors!
These two get along so well. They'd paint, they'd pretend, and one afternoon Marcus even got a full makeover, complete with blue lipstick.
Every.single.evening between 3:30 and 4p.m. I would text my neighbor, who has a daughter just four days older than Marcus, and we would meet up in the alley so our kids could play before calling it a day. Some days Marcus would play at their house, some days the little girl would play at ours. It was so nice to have someone Marcus could play with while Julia helped me prep dinner. I honestly don't know how we would have survived without our friends just down the way.

4. The Park!

Most afternoons we'd walk to a park near us and blow some steam - before heading out to play with the neighbor girl.

5. Family!!!
Me, Julia, my mom, my brother, my cousin, Marcus, my aunt, my uncle.
I was a little sad when I realized Mother's Day landed right in the middle of Scott's work trip. BUT! My mom and brother had a quick trip scheduled to San Diego to visit my aunt and uncle. Naturally, the kids and I had to head down to spend some time with them over the weekend. 
It was so good to be with them. I can't remember the last time I've seen my brother. And, Julia, Miss Stranger Danger, took to my brother like she's known him forever.

Oh, happy weekend!


  1. Enjoy your family weekend! Good luck with your run today! You got this!

  2. Yay for Daddy coming home!! Nothing like having your partner and help back. I love the sign. Hope you have some fun weekend plans.

  3. Yay for Scott coming home. You are such an awesome mama to roll with all of that. I totally love that we have neighbors the boys play with. We have a little girl next door who is a little older than H and she is a total mama to the younger two! So fun to spend time with family, too! And the work outs! You rock! Hope your weekend is fab with Scott back AND I hope you can get a little solo time to recoup!

  4. Solo parenting is tough stuff!! Enjoy having Scott home!

  5. Yay for Scott coming home!! Major props to you for holding down the fort, I do not think I could do it!!

  6. So glad that you are all back together again and I just love that you and your brother are so close even with the distance between you two.

    Good luck on your goal today. Wish I could run with you to cheer you on. Maybe I could keep up with you if you're pushing the bob, lololol

  7. aww Julia with your brother, sweet that she took to him!
    I want to run and hide when Chris has to stay at work later than usual. For like a whole extra hour or something. Two weeks is very intimidating, I'm glad you are on the other side of it now, and I really can't imagine something like deployment.

  8. Good job for surviving your week without Scott. I hate that! When my kids were younger we had a few close by neighbors who really helped out. Now both of those neighbors have moved away, but it does get easier as the kids get bigger. I love the pictures with your brother!

  9. So glad Scott is back home and you survived two long weeks without him!! Way to go, super mama! And I love that you guys made him a welcome home sign!! Have a great time at your blog conference this weekend! (I just read that on Liz's blog!)

  10. Two weeks is rough! I've done it a couple times and it is no easy task! Luckily you got to sneak in some grandparent time to ease missing your husband!

  11. I am impressed with Marcus's painting skills. It is tradition in my husband's squadron to decorate pillowcases for the homecoming. Let's just say the girls didn't want me to help, and it is apparent that my lack of artistic ability was passed on to them. :)

  12. I cannot believe you didn't bitch about your two solo weeks at all!!! I'm such a baby about Conor's work travel. And you are just killing the workouts lately!

  13. YAY for Scott being home!!!
    And seriously you are a ROCK STAR for all that running you did while he was gone! I bet you actually got an even better work out in since you had to push that double stroller!