The Mother's Day Exchange Edition

We've survived the week! Friday has never looked so good, and the weekend is shaping up to look even better. Though Scott will be gone due to some work obligations I am so excited to spend Mother's Day with my mom! I can't remember the last time I was actually with my mom to celebrate her. On our agenda: brunch, the beach, and hopefully bottomless mimosas.

Another fabulous reason to celebrate Mother's Day was the sweetest blogger gift exchange hosted by Elizabeth and Courtney.

I was partnered with Crystal {Hall Around Texas} and Tara {A Tale of Two Maples}. I sent a package to Crystal. I've followed Crystal for sometime, and I had the best time selecting thoughtful items that I thought she'd love. To see what goodies made it to her, hop on over and check it out

Tara sent a package my way. I'm pretty new to Tara's blog, but after exchanging emails with her I felt like I'd known her for the longest time, and we have so much in common. I'd also like to mention she's kicked cancer's ass, and is doing amazing. She's honestly such an inspiring, uplifting, and positive momma. Be sure to swing by and say hi to her. 

On to the goods!

1. The Sweetest!
I mean, talk about opening the best package! And that note had me all sorts of misty eyed. 

2. Coloring!
Adult coloring books are currently my jam. Tara sent such an awesome book, and two sets of pencils that I don't have in my collection. There's not much more I enjoy than to settle down after a long and crazy day with a coloring book, pencils, and a good glass of wine. 

3. Wine!
Speaking of wine... Tara officially became my new best friend when she sent not one but TWO different wines, AND a wine glass. Both the red and the white were fantastic. It's safe to say that since opening the package and writing this post both wines are long gone.

4. Hair ties!
These are honestly my favorite type of hair ties of all time. If I wear my hair down it's great to throw one of these on my wrist - they're cute and functional, and my hair doesn't get all knotted up in them. Not to mention, the ties that I own have been used so much the elastic is all but shot. These came at just the right time!

5. Starbucks!
Tell me this is not the cutest presentation of a Starbucks gift card you ever did see?! The tissue paper in the cup looks like a frap! And, honestly, what mom can resist a good cup from the 'Bucks?

6. Bonus! Bubbles!
The bubbles were the sweetest touch, as I presumed they were for Marcus/Julia. One afternoon Marcus and I waited until Julia was napping and we spent that time blowing bubbles and chasing after them together. The bubble were the perfect item to carve out a little one-on-one time with Marcus that I don't get to do nearly as often as I'd like.

Tara, thank you so much for the most thoughtful Mother's Day package! It was the most wonderful pick-me-up amid the craziest of weeks.

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mommas out there!


  1. Tara did such an amazing job!! You received some pretty great gifts. I love the coloring book. Happy Mother's Day sweet friend! I hope you have a great time with your mom. :)

  2. What a fun gift! Those colored pencils are so cool!! I need to check them out sometime! And wine?! Yes please! Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your mom!

  3. You were spoiled! XOXO Enjoy all those treats!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Wow! So much good stuff. That coloring book looks awesome. Can't wait to see how you color the pages! Thank you again for my sweet and thoughtful gift. You are the bombdiggity. :) How old am I?!?

  5. She sent you great things!! I got a coloring book too - I have yet to try it out but I can't wait. And I do love how she packaged the gift card!

  6. You had me at WINE! I love that she mailed you wine....best exchange ever!! All of it, especially the note, are perfect! Happy Mother's Day, friend!! I hope you have the best weekend celebrating the best job in the world!! xoxo

  7. I've been friends with Tara for a while now and she is AMAZING! Not only is she such an amazing and inspirational person but she is also a kick ass (can I say that? Oh well I just did lol) present giver! She totally hit the nail on the head! The coloring book and those fabulous colors of pencils! And the presentation of the Starbucks gift card and then that wine?? Amazing! Happiest of Mother's Days to you sweet friend! Have SO much fun with your MOM!!! xoxo

  8. Wow! Best box ever! WINE!!! Tara wins.

  9. I wouldn't even think about sending wine, but what an amazing idea!! I hope you enjoy a glass this weekend because you definitely deserve it! Happy Mother's Day weekend, friend!!

  10. Sending wine = genius! Happy Mother's Day, friend!

  11. WINE! I'm totally shamelessly borrowing that gift card idea - it's brilliant!

  12. Sweet Desiree you are so deserving! So happy that you enjoyed your box! Happiest of Mothers Days to you!!!!

  13. Happy Mother's Day, Desiree!! This gift was perfect for you! Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  14. best ever haha. but my fave is the tissue paper frap! that is the best presentation. love it all.

  15. Well you hit the jackpot!!! Coloring! Wine! Starbucks! And so happy that you get to celebrate with your mama this year! Enjoy your time with her!

  16. What a great collection of stuff. I have never really tried an adult coloring book, but maybe I should? Hope you have a great Monday friend.

  17. What a great box of goodies! I love how she sent the Starbucks card- too cute. And a gold star for her for sending wine!