Julia || 9 Months


Here we are! Month nine! We're closing in on that big birthday, and it's still so surreal. While time doesn't slow down I'm still never fully prepared to admit another month has come and gone.
This month you began to full on crawl. You'll resort to army crawling if you're not getting where you want to go fast enough. But, you have the components of crawling down, and typically use that method to get from place to place. Speaking of place to place, you are all over the place and into everything. You're also pulling yourself up onto your knees, and have even pulled into the standing position a couple of times. Nothing is safe from your little hands these days, just ask the dog and cat.
You continue to babble, and I'm preeeeetty sure I've heard, "mamamama," a handful of times. We'll keep working on that one, as you have no problem spouting out, "dadadada." You also love to scream and yell when things don't go your way. I feel this is pretty typical and standard for girls, and something I'm still getting used to. On the flip side, I melt every time you giggle, and I will go to great lengths of looking a fool just to hear you laugh. You're a ticklish little nugget, so often I will resort to that to get some delightful squeals from you.
We've kicked the pureed foods to the curb (can I get an Amen!), and I pretty much feed you whatever we're having - albeit, those foods are cut into pieces you can grab, and/or I'll steam fruits and veggies so they're soft enough for you to gum up. Thus far you love yourself just about any fruit, particularly steamed apple slices, watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries. This month we tried yogurt and cheerios, and you're a fan of both. I also slipped you a PB&J, and that is by far your favorite lunch meal. I'm also thrilled to know you don't have a peanut allergy. As of recent we've learned you don't mind gnawing away at chicken and meat balls.

You still nurse four to five times a day, and I absolutely adore that we have this time together. Nursing is a journey I didn't think I'd ever get to experience, and I'm soaking it all up while I can. I love when we can sneak away to your room for a nursing session and quite time. I firmly believe those moments together are good for both our souls.
Speaking of food, we had your Well Baby Check-up, and you're gaining weight, but nothing like your brother did. At birth you were in the 90th percentile, but now you've slipped steeply to the fifth percentile. Your doctor doesn't seem overly concerned, as you are gaining, just not quite as much as I was hoping. It's hard not to compare kids, and I'm trying to stay away from that slippery slope. You never seem to be starving, and appear to enjoy both nursing and eating. Hopefully between now and your year check-up you'll have packed on two or three pounds. For now, we'll keep trucking along the path we're on and hope that it's enough for you.
Sleep. Oy. I feel like we take one step forward and two steps back with this. Just when I think we're golden and you give a solid stretch of sleep something inevitably disrupts whatever progress we've made. This month it was one cold after another, and I also have a sneaky suspicion you're teething (again- teething just never ends, does it).
Stranger danger is still very strong in your world. Just this weekend you didn't want a whole lot to do with your grandma, and while I chuckled when you announced you didn't want her to hold you, internally I was sad because I know it stung grandma quite a bit. You did take to your Uncle Tyler, which is so bizarre to me, because to me he just seems like one big, hairy beast.

Marcus continues to be your sun and moon. You cannot get enough of him. Together you two are the most adorable things my eyes have ever seen, and my heart simply bursts when you two are together.
This weekend we spent time with family to celebrate Mother's Day, and everyone commented on what a good, happy baby you are. I love that your smile shines so brightly and makes others smile as well. Keep sending that beautiful light out into the world little lady.

Cheers to another month, sweet girl!

I love you to the moon and back. Twice.

Height :: 28 inches - 75th percentile
Weight :: 14.15 pounds - 5th percentile
Clothing :: any where from 6 months to 12 months
Diaper size :: Pampers size 2
Teeth :: two

For kicks, a look a Marcus versus Julia at nine months.
At nine months Marcus was 24 pounds (97th %) and 30 inches tall (97th %) with six teeth already in! Marcus was such a cuddle bug (and still is!), while Julia isn't much for snuggling unless she's nursing. At this point Marcus was already drinking water, whereas we have yet to try water with Julia. It's so crazy and wonderful and fun to see how vastly different these two are.


  1. Beautiful little Julia!! I just love her! Screaming must be a girl thing because Emmy is that way when she doesn't get what she wants, etc. so different from cam. I can't believe she is 9 months old. Wow!

  2. Goodness, she's a sweetheart! It still just amazes me how different TWO siblings can be! haha!

  3. Such a little beauty! Love the little outfits you dress her in! Happy 9 months Julia!

    I find it so fascinating how you can see/tell a difference in their personalities already!

  4. Sweet Julia!!!! Love this update on her, Avalon is in the fifth percentile too! Small babies for life! ;)

  5. LOVE the comparisons! She is such a tiny thing but just the absolute sweetest too!!! I love it. And those bottom toofers. Bless!

  6. She is just so sweet! A little peanut. I'm surprised she lets you still put headbands in. My niece is 2 and she rips anything you put in her hair/on her head right out.

  7. She's such a cute little girly girl! I love her little shoes!

  8. Hooray for no more purees! Oh, sleep... I seriously some days wonder if I will ever sleep again. We've taken a step back, too. :(

    Julia, you are such a little sweetie pie! Her grin just lights up a photo!

  9. You can totally tell they are sibblings, but they look very different too. Also Marcus pretty much looks exactly the same, which is awesome.

    Great pictures of your girl she is so pretty friend.

  10. She is absolutely gorgeous, Desiree. I do believe you and Scott are in for it in a few years. ;-) Happy 9 months, sweet girl!!

  11. Happy 9 months sweet Julia! Just when I start thinking that she looks so much like Marcus I see a throwback of him and then see how different they are too! They are both so so precious.

  12. I love this update as much as I do every other month's! I can't believe she's only 14lbs! I believe ! How do you steam her fruit and veggies?? I've never steamed anything before (gasp! I know!). Julia is such a cute, sweet little girl! Hope to meet her someday!

  13. Those pictures are just too sweet! You have the opposite of me, my first was in the 3rd percentile for weight and my oldest in in the 60th or so...so different! But it seems like she is happy and healthy! :) Good work Mama! Time to start planning the party!

  14. She is just a ray of sunshine. And I cant get enough of skinny little baby ankles, they look so delicate. And makes for interesting walking when the time comes ;)

  15. My goodness, those pictures just melt me! I can't get over what a big girl she is, sitting in her chair all my herself. And then that little leg hanging over the edge. Gah! I can't wait to see her again... even if she hates me and cries whenever I look at her lol ;) One day, Julia, you and I will be friends again :)

  16. Can you even believe how different your own kids can be?! I love these update posts! And that comparison shot is hilarious! She's such a little nugget - that smile is amazing! And girlfriend has the best stylist around!

  17. Such a sweet little princess! Her smile is contagious :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  18. She is such a beautiful little doll baby! Avery and Luke were like that size wise too!

  19. Ah, 9 months! She's so cute! Mobile babies change everything though - I am constantly pulling Charlotte away from our patio blinds or cords on the floor. She really does look like the happiest baby ever!

  20. They don't really look alike... but it's so obvious that Julia is all Scott and Marcus takes after you. I love when you can see the parents in the child. Connor? I have no clue who he looks like.

  21. She is an adorable baby!

    As a mom of two girls, I can tell you the screaming never stops. :)

  22. Liam was always super low weight percentages (after birth of course). And we never worried. Julia is getting all she needs from you and some!!! And what an absolute cutie!!!

  23. It's so funny! Julia has always been all smiles on your blog, and Marcus, even at 9 months, has his super serious face!

  24. I can't believe how tiny & petite Julia is. Not that I have to tell you this but it's almost like they came from 2 different sets of parents but as they say no 2 kids are alike I suppose. As long as she's happy, healthy & the doctor is fine with everything I'd say it's all good! Hopefully she'll warm up to grandma with time though!