The Picture Perfect Project {{5}} - From Behind the Lens of a 4-year Old

Not all that long ago I handed over our old Olympus camera to Marcus. The thing is basically indestructible, and waterproof. We gave him total artistic liberty to take as many pictures of whatever his little heart desired. Over the span of five days he racked up over 1,500 photos. Many of those were of every day objects around our house, but some he wanted to snap of Mommy, Daddy, and Julia, which I found to be the sweetest thing ever.

At first I was hesitant to put these pictures up. Many of the photos are without makeup or hair done, and one is personally quite intimate. While *I* might not think I looked presentable, Marcus *did*. I'm trying a bit harder to be more present in photos with my kids, so if these are what made Marcus happy, then so be it. I have a feeling when (if) he looks back on these pictures that he took he won't think, "Mommy sure should have done her hair!" Instead, I hope he remembers the joy he had while taking all the photos. And, I hope he thinks no matter how messy my hair, or how little make-up I wore, that I was pretty in his eyes. 

Selecting photos from 1,500+ was difficult so bear with me. But, this month's Picture Perfect Photos are as seen through the eyes of a 4-year old. 

The selfies:
I had to laugh when I saw these. The kiss face and super cheese kind of took me by surprise. The serious looks are so much more Marcus. And the flip flop shot - I have to say, I think it's adorable.
The everyday objects (there were hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of these):
If I had to guess, Scott will really appreciate the shot of the Jeep.
The food shots:
Marcus didn't do too shabby with some of these! I was actually kind of impressed with his skills.
The garden photos:
I love the pumpkin shot. P.S. That thing is still around - we've had it since Halloween...
The pets:
For some reason, getting all the parts of the animal into a photo was a bit of a challenge.
The pool:
These are some of my favorites! The bubbles, the shot of his swim trunks under the water, the angle he took of the chairs, and even the shot of his legs as he was lying out to warm up, I think they're all actually pretty great.
Pictures of Julia:
Being held, crawling, standing, playing. Marcus captured Julia exactly as she is in this phase of her life.
Pictures of Daddy:
Clearly Scott can take a serious photo.
Pictures of Mommy:
Marcus caught me during so much of my day-to-day routine. There were things captured that wouldn't normally be seen from behind a camera. I kind of love that he snapped these moments. Also. I clearly can't take a serious photo, either. 
Though none of these photos were taken by me (no one said the photos for this link up had to be taken by me!), and from a technical standpoint, there's nothing perfect about these pictures, I happen to think they're just right... Simply because Marcus loved what he saw from behind his lens.

From this month's project I took away a few things: 
1) Be more present in photos *with* my family, regardless of make-up or hair. 
2) Apparently Scott nor I can take a photo without sticking our tongues out. Oops.
3) Let the littles have some fun with a camera, you just never know what they'll capture. 
4) Everyday life can be kind of beautiful. 

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  1. Well this is by far the coolest -- Marcus has a creative eye already, these photos are fantastic!

  2. This is so much fun and such a few idea. I need to find my old digital camera, so I can let Cam do that. Marcus' view and photo ideas are great. The jeep one is really cool! Way to go Marcus.

  3. Some of these photos are just great! The pool shots are my favorite!

    Cash has recently taken an interest in picture taking too. I'm actually impressed sometimes. Haha!

  4. This is genius. I'm going to charge up my old camera and let Connor have it and see what he comes us with. I'm really digging the shots of the pool and of the food. Marcus did really well there... I'm being totally serious!

  5. He did sooooo good! I'm so impressed with what he captured! You have to continue to update us with his picture taking skills.

  6. He has a good eye! I like them! Also, I like your camera strap!

  7. I am so impressed by Marcus' photo taking skills!! I know you will cherish these forever because they were taken by him. You may have a budding photographer on your hands, mama!

  8. I think all of these pictures are perfect! They are so great. I did a series when my son got his camera, behind the lens of Baby Fox, I should pull out his camera to see what pictures he's been taking lately. Love them, I think you have an artist on your hands!

  9. This is soooo fun! I need to look through Henry's camera roll on his iPod more. I love the one of his feet laying in the chair. You have a budding photographer on your hands! The pictures of you are so fun too!

  10. What a fun post this month! I love that you got Marcus involved. So cool to see the world through his eyes!

  11. Oh my goodness I LOVED this. I love how you were able to break them down into categories. He took some pretty fantastic shots too!

  12. Um, Desiree? These are absolutely brilliant! Marcus's angles and point of view totally resonate with me and I don't know if it's because I love those odd shots or what, but he has a talent! Let him take more and see what else he develops :)

  13. My younger brother used to always steal my phone and take random photos! I looooved finding them later and I think I still have some of them!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  14. How fun for Marcus! I went overboard when I got my first camera...until the 24exp film ran out! Ha ha ha!!

  15. haha he is good! I think maybe I need to give Aria some pointers. She has a kiddo camera and she loves to put the camera right up next to whatever the object is and take a picture where you can't see a thing because it is basically just dark. I love these =)

  16. Ok seriously I LOVE these!!! Marcus is actually a pretty good photographer! Even though I know he was just pointing and shooting, he has talent! I can't wait to see how his photography progresses as time goes on!

  17. You have a little artist on your hands! He takes great pictures!

  18. The food photos, and the pictures of you are my favorite! Liam took a picture of me nursing Finn and it is one of my favorites ever! I need to get him an old camera, because he always wants to use my fancy one and I get so nervous! Also, where is your camera strap from?! It's beautiful!