Week 16

Here we are, week 16, four months! 
Rather than stick with the typical top five on Friday I'm shifting towards updates. I did this for Marcus and I feel like I need to continue that with M². Onward we go!

Symptoms // There's the occasional round ligament pain. And holy geez I pee all the time.

Cravings // Nothing too crazy these days, unless you count the numerous homemade Dole Whips I've been consuming at an alarming rate… I also had a handful of cherry tomatoes the other day, and whoa, give me all the cherry tomatoes.

Size of Baby // According to the My Pregnancy app, M² is the size of an avocado, or 4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces.

Movement // Pretttttty sure the little popcorn burst sensations I've been feeling for the past few evenings are M² moving around.

Sleep // Ha. Ha. Ha. Marcus is my child. He apparently runs on little to no sleep. BUT, when he is out so am I (unless I'm up to pee, which happens a few times a night).

Clothing // Still wearing all non-maternity clothes.

Best Part of the Week // Finally feeling M² move. I've been waiting for those tiny little bursts for some time now.

Have a great weekend!


  1. You are starting to show a bit! =) You look amazing though!!
    And there is no other feeling in the world that is better than feeling your baby move =)
    Happy Weekend!!

  2. I went through a cherry tomato phase as well! But the peeing? No one told me you'd have to pee so much when you're pregnant! I also just started to feel my baby move within the past few weeks and it truly is an amazing and comforting feeling.

  3. Feeling movement is the best! Glad things are going well!

  4. It is so exciting that you are feeling movement!

  5. That's so exciting that you're feeling the little one move! Such a cute little bump :) Happy weekend!

  6. Yay for movement, such an exciting time!! :)

  7. Oh the popcorn bursts are the best!!!! So excited for you!!

  8. So exciting you can feel M2 move! I LOVED that part of being pregnant.
    Also, just gonna throw it out there, the way you do M2 looks kiiiiiinda like M squared which kinda makes it seem like there is 2 of them in there. Just saying' ;) Do you have something to tell us?? lol

  9. You look great! It'll be interesting to see what you look like in your third trimester...remember my pregnancy? I'm glad that I'm not the only one who barely shows!

  10. So exciting 16 weeks already, time is flying by friend. Do you feel that way?

  11. My goodness, you're cooking right along! Can't believe you are 16wks already!

    Yay for baby moving in there! 4 weeks to the anatomy US, right? Will you be finding out the gender?

    You look great!