Right This Moment…

This post has been popping up from many of my favorite bloggers, and to be honest, these are some of my favorite kind of posts to read and write. Plus, it's been a hot minute since I last did one of these.

Here is life right this moment. 


Making:: Actually, I'm not making… These are already made: Valentine's Rice Crispy treats, inspired by Amanda. Huge hit with Marcus. And me.

Drinking:: All the water. Because coffee doesn't sound at all appealing (this is coming from the world's biggest coffee drinker). But carmel frappacinos, I'll take one of those every morning please and thank you very much.

Reading:: The Gentleman's Agreement (Laura Z. Hobson). I'm about half way through it and just can't get into it. There's a copy of Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern) on my bed stand that is BEGGING to be picked up. I might have to make the switch. But, if I'm recommending any books that I've read recently and think you should pick up ASAP: Land of Shadows (murder/thriller:: Rachel Howzell Hall) and The Girl on the Train (think Gone Girl, but dare I even say a little better…? :: Paula Hawkins).

Planning:: All things baby. There are lists on top of lists for things that I need/want done for this little peanut.

Wanting:: A WALDORF SALAD from Cheesecake Factory. That craving hasn't been fulfilled and I just want one so badly. Scott, if you're reading this, a Waldorf Salad is all I want for Valentine's Day.

Looking:: Like a full time domestic engineer. I'm forever in running shorts/pants, a workout top, hair in a pony, and feet in running shoes. It's a glamours life I tell ya.

Playing:: Trivia Crack. The name speaks for itself. Download the app and add me @desireedudding.

Wishing:: Naps were still happening. The past couple of days naps haven't occurred and Marcus has gone on through the day like no naps are no big deal (nooooooooo!). I'm pretty sure those are a thing of the past. Insert all the sad faces.

Enjoying:: The crazy awesome weather we've been experiencing. It's like summer. In February.

Missing:: Family. The Midwest. I miss home (even the great SoCal weather can't beat family).

Waiting:: To get a nursery started.
I want to recreate this room in the worst way.
Wondering:: Is this little peanut is a boy or a girl. Will he/she look like me? Like Scott? Like Marcus?

Loving:: The thought of a beach-y vacation we have coming up in a few months. It will be so nice to get away for a few days, have Grandma and Grandpa around to help with Marcus, and just relax while sipping all the virgin drinks.

Marvelling:: At what a little boy my baby has become. I blinked and (almost) three years has passed. How does that happen?

Needing:: Sleep. Always, always sleep.

Noticing:: My boobs and butt are forever getting bigger. At this rate I'm starting to think my stomach will never catch up.

Worrying:: About a million things. Is Marcus getting enough of the right foods (mac and cheese doesn't count)? Am I stimulating Marcus' little mind enough throughout the day? How is M² doing? Am I doing everything I can to stay as healthy as possible for the little peanut? The list of worries is never ending.

Feeling:: All the feelings. All the time. I'm pregnant.


  1. a vacation with grandparents around to help babysit is well deserved my friend! That pic of the Nursery looks awesome (if you have another boy... fingers crossed here for a girl bc well I know little girls)! and no good on the end of naps! boo!!! I hope you find a way to install quiet time... or go for that 4 day prek program so you get a break mama!

  2. Those rice Krispy treats!!!!! And love the nursery inspiration!!

  3. So for the second day in a row I see rice krispy treats in a blog post... I have never wanted one so badly.

    The life of worries really never does end.

    Have a great day friend.

  4. Yum. Those rice krispy treats... get in my belly! Can't wait ot find out if M2 is a boy or girl!

  5. And now I could really go for some Rice Krispy treats (although I'm not sure if my little one, who DOES NOT like sweets, would be down for that one).

  6. Umm, are those rice krispy treats with m&ms in them??? If so, damn diet, I would totally be making those this weekend with Mason!!!
    Also... Scott, if you're reading this, get the woman a waldorf salad! Haha. Seriously, if he's not reading this though, just tell him that you want to go to the Cheesecake Factory for Valentine's Day (maybe go for lunch so it's less crowded?). No one in their right mind turns down cheesecake. And if he does, call me and I'll go with you!
    And Marcus, if you're reading this... naps little buddy! Don't give up the naps! Because when you are old like me, you want nap time again so bad! lol

  7. Oooo, those krispie treats look SO good right now! Oh no to no naps!! Crossing my fingers he'll go back to them!

  8. Mmm krispies. I hope you get your Waldorf Salad!! You know I've never been to the cheesecake factory, but I do love cheesecake! And, no no no to the no naps. Quiet time? Disney every morning before a nap is a must!

  9. My boobs are butt are enormous and I'm not even pregnant! I'm so jealous of your beach vacay. That sounds wonderful. And that nursery is amazing!

  10. Mmmmmm! I've been seeing those rice krispy treats all over as well and I'm drooling over them! I need to make some asap!
    No naps?! Ah! I would die! Even when Mia quits napping, I'm going to force her to have quiet time in her room for my sanity, HA! (I sound like a great mom, don't I?)
    A beach vacation sounds heavenly right now! So excited for you to soak that up in a few months!

  11. 1. Wow - a delicious treat that I KNOW I can't screw up! I'm totally going to have to make those this weekend. :)
    2. We (and by we, I mean Emma. ALLLL Emma.) are phasing out naps too. Devastating.. that's all I have to say about that.
    3. I. CANNOT. WAIT. to find out what you're having! I'm leaning towards girl.. but that's just me. What do I know? ;)
    4. Super jealous that you get to decorate a nursery again. It was one of my favorite things to research and purchase for when I was pregnant. :)

  12. Those rice krispy treats look good. I know the next dessert I will be making!

  13. Love this post! Oh yes, the worrying. I had 'coffee' with a friend this morning (more like hot chocolate, it's freezing here!!!) and we were talking about how when pregnant you never stop worrying about that baby, doesn't matter if the first trimester is over or not, you worry the entire way thru. And really worry when labor starts. Anyway, I understand the worrying.

    Oh what a bummer that Marcus is done w/ naps!!! Aiden gave his up just before age 3 and I was totally bummed! Brennan, on the other hand, will still (at age almost 6) fall asleep if I ask him to lay down. I pray Tate takes after B not A!!! :)

  14. Those rice krispies look amazing! Thanks for the book suggestions…I’ve never even heard of those. I was addicted to Trivia Crack and had to delete it. I played it entirely too much! Ha.