Disney Date

Last week we were fortunate to land free Disneyland/California Adventure Park Hopper Passes. Free Disney anything is about as rare as sighting Big Foot, so I jumped on those bad boys like it was my last meal.

Thursday was the Big Day, and I woke that morning beyond giddy. Marcus had no idea what we were doing, but I told him I had a HUGE surprise for him.

And away we went to Disney, bright and early.

We arrived at park opening when the crowds weren't unbearable and the weather was nice and cool.
After entering the gates we went right to work hitting up the rides:

Dumbo, per Marcus' request.

Tea cups, per my request.

Jungle Cruise, because you just have to do that one, and the animals are always fun for the littles.
We had a few more rides sprinkled in there, but I was too busy soaking up our day to remember to snap pictures. 

We took a quick break in the action to meet our beloved Mickey Mouse. When Marcus saw the mouse he was thrilled. He couldn't wait to go up and actually see the mouse he loves so much.
Marcus walked right up to Mickey, but was so shy about it all. I couldn't help but laugh. He looks a bit worried, but when we walked away from Mickey the smile on my child's face was priceless.

A quick Dole Whip was in order. Naturally.
I'll be posting a homemade recipe on this deliciousness, tomorrow.
We took a pause in the action to snag a little lunch. We then met up with our good friends (who were kind enough to give us the free passes - thanks Kylie and Natasha!) and headed over to Toontown. With the few times I'd been to Disney before I'd never made it to Toontown. I quickly learned it's THE place to be with a little one.
I didn't take any pictures inside, but the place was absolutely perfect for small kids. We walked through Mickey's house, Minnie's House, Chip and Dale's Treehouse, and Donald's Boat. We also had a bit of a more intimate meeting with Mickey. 
This time when Marcus saw the mouse he actually gave Mickey a hug and the camera a smile! 

By late afternoon I thought a ride around the park on the train would be a nice little break in all the action.
 Apparently it was a better break than I anticipated. Marcus went from smiling and chatting to passed out in about two minutes.

After the hour long nap in the BOB we attempted California Adventure, but Marcus was pretty much set for the day. He'd ridden some pretty awesome rides, played in Mickey's House, and met the actual mouse himself - TWICE. We decided it was a good time to call it a day. 

All the way home we talked about how much fun we had, and how we would LOVE to go back again (we loved it so much Scott and I are considering annual passes). When we got home Marcus kept telling Scott over and over how he'd met Mickey Mouse. It. was. the. best. 

We had THE most MAGICAL Disney Date! And I'm already looking forward to our next trip. 


  1. How awesome! I'm so glad you guys were able to have a good time! Dole Whips are my favorite =) I'm so sad that they got rid of Toontown at Disney World. I just know that Alyx & Emma would have loved it. Glad Disneyland still has it!! =)

  2. So much fun!! We loved it there too. So much so that we became Disney Club Members. We are already planning a big trip to Disney World in 2017!! I can't wait!

  3. Love that you were able to go for FREE!!! Wow, what a magical day. Annual passes would be the absolute best, you should totally go for it. Then I could be jealous ALL the time. Man I wish Disney was closer.

  4. Awww, this made me tear up - you know I love Disney SO much! <3 Toontown... sighh... that was always my favorite and they took it out at Disney World :( A trip to Cali is on our list for Disneyland so I'll be glad to be reunited with my beloved Toontown!

  5. What an awesome day!! And you can't beat free! I am missing the Mouse like crazy!

  6. I'm glad you guys had so much fun!!! And you even went on some rides while pregnant.. you go mama! The tea cups makes me wanna hurl normally so I'm sure pregnant would be no better lol.
    You know, I have been thinking about renewing our passes. Seth doesn't know it yet lol but I know a couple bloggers that want to take their kids to Disney in the upcoming year and if I am going to pay to go then, I might as well get a pass too. Let me know if you do! We'd LOVE to meet up there!

  7. aww I love it! Esp now that he is a bit older. I get so excited that Aria remembers and recognizes our visits now, I mean it must just get better and better. Although pass on the tea cups!! Brave woman.

  8. so awesome! I wish I had the opportunity to spend the day at Disney with one kid at a time - only Gabbie has been alone since the others have always had siblings! But she was very young at the time. Now, we want to go together but Zachary won't let us without having a tantrum that he can't come!

  9. Disney is my happy place. Hoping to make a quick trip to the Magic Kingdom when we're in Orlando for my brother's wedding next week.

  10. My goodness! Marcus has really shot up! He's tall!!! Fun day!!!

  11. That really does look like an awesome time! With Disney World just under two hours from where we live, I've often thought about how great it would be to take this little one there. A friend of mine gets annual passes there for about $200 a pass. There are a lot of restrictions for when you can and cannot go, but I still think it might be worth it since regular tickets are now over $100.

  12. Free? Major score!! Looks like so much fun and these pictures are the best! We are getting so anxious about our trip to Disney World. Only 87 more days!!!

  13. I really need to go to Disneyland! Toontown is gone at Disney World, and I know the girls would love it. I have an annual pass to Disney World, and I love it. I am not sure the price of Disneyland, but if we go once a month (usually just for the day) the pass has paid for itself.

  14. I absolutely love Disneyland! I can't wait till Rhys is old enough to go on kiddy rides!