A Climbing Date // Fall Bucket List

Getting out of the house, sans Marcus, is pretty rare (read: never happens). When Scott reminded me of a day date we had set up ages ago - and I admittedly forgot about - I was giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.

We could have done the typical lunch and movie date. But, let's be real, the likelihood of me falling asleep in the theatre was pretty great. Instead, Scott convinced me to go outside (waaaaaay outside) my comfort zone, try something totally new, and knock off another Fall Bucket List item.

Our good friends, Tim and Laurie, are into rock climbing, and invited us to join them at their gym. So, away we went.
Scott takes my selfie shots so seriously.
Tim and Laurie were awesome instructors. Their patience and encouragement was second to none, and they made the experience downright amazing.
The "V" grades coincided with bouldering.
The 5 grades indicate top roping.
Who knew you couldn't just use any old rock when climbing? I sure as heck had no clue. Each rock is color coded to coordinate with a certain grade, or difficulty.

For awhile I was comfortable to sit back and watch Tim and Laurie do their thing.
Climbing the walls without a rope is called bouldering.
They're really good.
Then I couldn't take it any longer and needed to get in on the action.
Rock shoes. Cute, no?
The easiest bouldering grade is a VB, so that's where I started.
And holy smokes, was it difficult. But in the most awesome way possible.

Scott took his turn as well.
His long arms and legs worked so much to his advantage.

After a few rounds bouldering it was off to top roping, which was a welcome change, as I think every one's forearms were in need of a break.
From left to right:
Getting all geared up.
Dipping my fingers in chalk. Your hands get so sweaty!
Studying the wall, analyzing which rocks I would use.
Using a rope when climbing is called top roping.

With more great coaching up the wall I went.
I went up a couple times, first at a 5.6 grade, then I stepped it up and topped out at a 5.7. Then I welcomed rest, sat back and enjoyed watching the guys climb some pretty intense grades.
They seriously climbed some craziness.

Before we left I had to get one last selfie for good measure.
It was a BLAST! Even though my arms are STILL sore (griping anything is a huge challenge) I was asking Scott the second we left the building if we could get a membership. I'm still asking…

Tim and Laurie, if you're reading, thank you so much for such an awesome double date!

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  1. What a fun date... something that you will always remember. You can see a movie anytime and this was something that pushed your limits so YAY for Scott suggesting it. Also? I know adore Scott even more because his selfies? They are on point. ;)

  2. I love rock climbing! not that I do it, but when I do, I love it!

  3. How fun!!!!! But seriously girl, the first wall was with no rope attached?!?! I would be SO SCARED. I've done this type of thing before (at a much lower scale when I was younger at like a gymnastics place) and we had ropes attached (but maybe because I was little?). You are so brave! And that looks so fun!

  4. Looks really awesome and fun!!! And you look like a natural on the wall!

  5. So much fun and I completely agree with Sarah^ your skin looks great.

    Scott takes selfies about like Russ does. If he insists on sabotaging mine, I post them regardless.

    Looks like your hooked on a new hobby!

  6. What a cool idea for a date! I took rock climbing lessons with my mom ages ago but don't really remember much; you make it look like fun though! Great action shots!