Holiday Gift Guide + SB Giveaway

Raise your hand if you couldn't wait for Black Friday to begin your Holiday shopping (my hand is raised high). Raise your hand if you'd like to get started on said shopping but perhaps need a few suggestions as well as a few pretty spectacular deals (my hand is still raised). Raise your hand if you'd like to do most of your Holiday shopping from the comfort of your own home (guess whose hand is still raised?). And, raise your hand if you'd like to do said shopping with a piping hot RED cup filled with your favorite beverage from Starbucks (yep, my hand is still up there).

I'm all for supporting small and independent businesses. Lucky for me - and YOU - I was fortunate to team up with some pretty amazing women who have kindly agreed to share their goodies, and some pretty sweet discounts to accompany those goodies, which you won't find anywhere else. There's also a nice little giveaway to go along with all this shopping…

Let's get to it:

The Mango Mermaid
These hand crafted items are swoon worthy. I literally want every anchor and sail boat. 
Those anchors would make the most amazing Christmas ornaments!
Until tomorrow (Friday, November 14), you can receive 10% off your purchase PLUS FREE SHIPPING when you mention MACKE MONOLOGUES in your order. 
InstaGram @themangomermaid

Chloe & Isabel Jewelry // Alisa Link 
Just go ahead and give me all the jewelry. There isn't a single piece I don't want. 
Dear Santa, Just go ahead and send me all the sparklies.
Until Thanksgiving Day Alisa is offering FREE birthstone earrings and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100. To redeem the discount Alisa will contact buyers once orders are placed.

The hand stamped pendants are amazing, and the brush roll up bag is the cutest re-use out of Toms bags. We have a roll up bag and it is PERFECT for our paint brushes!
We have the brush roll and it is perfect for our arts and crafts paint brushes. Pair the bag with some paint brushes, washable paint, and paper and viola, a perfect gift for any art-lover.
Those hand stamped pendants would be great for any mom or grandma!
Until December 20 Becky is offering FREE SHIPPING! Just use the code: MIGHTYMACKE at checkout to redeem. 
InstaGram @bybmg

Mary Kay // Ashley Clark, consultant
For as long as I can remember Mary Kay has been my skin care and make-up of choice. The 3-in-1 cleanser is the only product I'll use to wash my face, and if you see any make-up on my face it's Mary Kay.
Until December 10 Ashley is offering 15% off ALL products PLUS FREE SHIPPING! Use the code : MACKE14 to redeem the discount. Please note: the cost and discount will not show up at checkout. Ashley will email you your total with discounts applied. 

Ruffles With Love
Tell me these aren't the cutest workout tank tops in all the land? I have a handful of Ruffles With Love tanks, and there are about 50 more I'd love to add to my collection (hint, hint, Scott). 
So many choices! Love 'em ALL!
Until December 15 you can receive 15% off your purchase. Be sure to use the code : MACKE15 at checkout to redeem your discount. 
InstaGram @ruffleswithlove

Two Girls Craft Shoppe
The custom made banners are the cutest, and would make any party decor complete. And the hand knitted baby beanies? Adorable is an understatement. 
Those banners and garland strands! Yes, please.
Those little knitted hats? I die.
Until December 1 you can receive 20% off your orders! Use the code : MACKEHOLIDAY at checkout to redeem.
Email : twogirlscraftshoppe@gmail.com

The #iheartmycity tees would complete any stylish little ones wardrobe. Marcus doesn't know it, but one of these will be gracing his closet soon. 
Babies, toddler, fitted tess - all shirts are custom made!
I'll take an Iowa, a Kansas, an Iowa + Kansas = Cali, and throw in the United States for good measure. Please and thank you.
Today only, you can get your tees for $10, and that's with shipping! Just head over to @gingertees and email Amy your custom order, it's as simple as that!
InstaGram @gingertees
Email : amy22hopper@yahoo.com

Fleurty Bands
Calling any person with fly away hair! These bands are for you. They're cute, they're stylish, and they don't slip. Get them in your life, ASAP!
So. Many. Choices! Over 100 bands to choose from. I'm eyeing the "Will Run For Wine"!
Until November 30 readers will receive a 10% discount on all orders. Use the code : MACKE14 at check out to redeem.
InstaGram @fleurtybands
Email : fleurtybands@gmail.com

Gosh, if you didn't find something for SOMEONE, or EVERYONE or maybe even yourself (I won't tell if you do a little shopping for you, too)…

One last thing, you wouldn't want to go shopping without a RED cup in hand. Be sure to enter the world's easiest raffle for a chance to snag $10 to Starbucks!
Raffle rules:
Contest runs Thursday, November 13 (12:00AM) to Thursday, November 20 (12:00AM).
Winner will be drawn, at random, by Rafflecopter.com.
Winner will be contacted via email, and has 24 hours to claim his/her prize.
If winner does not claim prize within 24 hours, a second drawing will be held.
Must be a US resident.
Must be 18 years or older to win.
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  1. Thank you for featuring mine! I'm headed to check out ginger tees!

  2. Ruffles with Love - These would be great gifts for my sister-in-laws! Thanks for the recommendations :)

  3. Love Love Love fluertybands! Excited to use the discount for Christmas!

  4. I love fleurtybands can't wait to check out other shops

  5. The drift wood stuff is so cute!

    You know what I really wanna buy for Christmas tho.......the croc & alligator tees!!!! :))

  6. in love with those running headbands!!!

  7. The kids might need some NC GingerTees. So cute! And I've loved the ruffles with love tanks ever since you first posted about them.

  8. OH I need to go check out Ginger Tees! What a great collection of shops you've highlighted!!

  9. I sent Ruffles with Love work out tanks over to my friend, I think she'll get a kick out of those! Loving them all.

  10. there are so many good choices here!!!

  11. I love the mango mermaid and plan on visiting that store.
    heather hgtempaddy@hotmail.com

  12. Totally going to check out ruffles with love!

  13. Oh my gosh! LOVE all of these! I'm a sucker for garlands, I just love them, so I'm off to check out two girls craft shoppe!

  14. I love so many of these - bc of you!

  15. oh my goodness I love those tanks. I always see them crack up and think I should buy one and NEVER do. I really should fix that soon :).

  16. Wow so glad I read this and you wrote it! I would have never known about any of these otherwise. I love those initial necklaces, I have been wanting one for a while now so maybe I can hint to Mark to get one for me for Christmas. And I LOVE those city tees! I need the USA one with the hearts in two different cities! I will have to wait to see if she does another $10 day because I missed yesterday. Those tanks are super cute too. I don't run but I still like them for regular workouts!

  17. The mango mermaid store is so cute!

  18. The Two Girls Craft shop seems interesting