If You Mustache Me a Question…

Being a blogger (Does anyone else still feel weird when they say "I'm a blogger"? No? Just me? Ok, moving on…) it takes a pretty good dose of narcissism to keep things moving along. I mean, how many blogs do you read where the writer doesn't talk about themselves a majority of the time? I tallied up the blogs I read and counted exactly zero.

So, when Johanna hit me up with I Mustache You Some Questions my narcissistic-blogging-self was tickled; these Q&As are some of my favorites to read as well as answer. Plus, the title of this? Yes. Winner.
Jumping in to the questions…

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:
  • D.
  • Des.
  • D-Ray.
  • The select few, you know who you are, call me by my initials (my name is Desirée Joy, you can figure out the rest from there).
  • Throwing in a 5th, because the most important name I've earned, is "Mommy".
Four jobs that I have had:
  • Lifeguard/swim instructor.
  • I used to clean the events centers at Iowa State University. The title was Environmental Specialist. What that really meant was I was a janitor. It was 100% terrible. 
  • I used to work in radio, on-air, but I don't think you could technically call me a DJ.
  • I was an aquatics coordinator through a parks and recreation department in a suburb outside Kansas City. 
Four movies I have watched more than once:
  • Old School.
  • Wedding Crashers (apparently I'm 12).
  • Elf (and apparently love Will Ferrel).
  • The '97 version Romeo and Juliette (possibly my favorite movie of all time).
Four places I have lived:
  • Estherville, IA - was born there and lived there for nine years.
  • Denison, IA - I consider that my home town.
  • Ames, IA - attended college there.
  • Kansas City - where I now consider "home".
Four places I have been:
Geesh, just four?!
  • Niagara Falls, Canada.
  • Cabo, Mexico.
  • Maui/Oahu/Big Island, Hawaii.
  • St. Thomas, USVI.
Four places I would rather be right now:
  • Kansas City. 
  • Disney Land (Christmas at Disney is ahhhh-may-zing).
  • On a boat (in my flippy floppies).
  • On a softball field or sand volleyball court.
Four things I won't eat:
  • Beef.
  • Pork.
  • Lamb.
  • Lima beans.
Four of my favorite foods:
  • Mashed potatoes.
  • Alaskan King Crab.
  • Ice cream (give me all the ice cream).
  • Dutch Letters. Never had them? Trust me when I say you're missing out.
Four TV shows that I watch:
All the guilty pleasures are exposed…
  • Chicago Fire.
  • Nashville.
  • Love It Or List It. 
  • Fixer Upper.
Four things I am looking forward to this year:
  • Christmas - I just know as Marcus gets older Christmases are going to get better and better.
  • Finding/signing up/running a few more 1/2 marathons, maybe even biting the bullet and run a full??
  • Celebrating Marcus' THIRD birthday in March.
  • Weddings! Several of my good friends are tying the knot this year, and I can't wait to celebrate!
Four things I am always saying:
  • Stop it. (either with the "mom" tone, or in a sarcastic tone)
  • I'm over it. (just ask Scott how often this is said…)
  • No, no, no. (this applies to Marcus, often)
  • I love you. (that one is my favorite) 
Four people I ask to join in along in the Q&As:


  1. I love Romeo + Juliet from '97. When it came out, I saw it two weekend in a row at the theater. Such a good movie!!

  2. Okay I'll do this. I haven't written anything lately :)) Thanks for the motivation :))

  3. Oh my goodness! Fixer Upper is my favorite show! And guess what?! We are headed to Texas today driving ..yay (sarcasm), but on the way we are stopping in Waco and going to Magnolia Market...yay!!!! (excited). How sweet would it be if Chip and Jojo were there!? Ah I think I would die. I'm just glad someone else knows what that show is and loves it as much as me. I just blogged about going there too!

    1. Dana, I love that show too. I'm jealous you're going there.

  4. Glad you joined in on the fun =) I totally laughed at the Environmental Specialist! ha =)
    And I'm totally with you, Disney during Christmas is Amazing, and I would totally go if I could!!!!!

  5. I've never heard of dutch letters, but, thanks to google, now I want five...

  6. I'm the only person in the world that doesn't like Dutch Letters!!! It's the almond paste, ick! :) Love these lists!!! So fun!

  7. "no no no" yup that might come out of my mouth way too much too! Oh my 3rd birthday? Didn't he JUST turn 2? Man time just keeps going faster and faster! You could totally run a full marathon if you wanted to! And no pork does that mean no bacon? But yay for ice cream! Yummy!

  8. Gosh you know I am a sucker for these posts :). Thanks for the tag. Apparently I'm 12, baha ha me to! Give me all the ice cream, yes please me to.

  9. I didn't know you didn't eat those meats! And mashed potatoes is one of my favorites as well! Such a comfort food.. And I would love to be on a boat right now too! A cruise ship headed to a tropical island!

  10. ha, funny! Love the title. Had no idea you weren't a big meat eater, and totally with you on lima beans. Gross. I love that you say 'I'm over it'. I don't know why but it makes me laugh.