The Outtakes

I need to preface this post with a tid bit of info about our little man. Marcus tends to seem very serious when it comes to new environments, new people, new things in general. He needs ample time to observe, digest and dissect. Once he's comfortable he's good to go.

So, it probably comes as no surprise that Marcus wasn't really feeling our family photo shoot. We had a GORGEOUS day, an AWESOME location -which happened to be very foreign to Marcus, and one rather unimpressed toddler.

During our photos, soliciting a smile from Marcus was tough work, but our photographer was awesome. (I could seriously gush on about her all day - if you live in Cleveland and want to check her out, let me know. She also does a *lot* of traveling and is often in other cities.) She captured some really fabulous shots, and left us with several to choose from that would be worthy of this year's Christmas card.

Here is a look at a few (by few I mean 418) photos that didn't make the cut for our Christmas card.
Shoes are NOT of priority of Marcus', is it obvious?
Oh little man, such a rough life you lead.
Naturally, I'll post the Christmas card and its photos once they've been mailed out.


  1. I love that first photo of Marcus. Such a unique photo!

  2. So many things! First off, Marcus is hilarious. Second, you did an awesome job with the outfits!! And lastly, I'm dying over the location. I love all the colors!!

  3. Such a cool idea to do them at the boardwalk! I wish we had one close by. And this reminds me... I should probably find a photographer and book our holiday pictures... eekkk!

  4. Hahaha! What an adorable little scowl! We are getting our Christmas card photos taken next week and I'm sure Mac will be the same way. 100 mph and zero smiles. :) They are adorable though. And they capture exactly who he is right now. So cute.

  5. oh i love your outfits!!! so perfect :)

  6. I love the setting and I love your outfits. I think these are great!