Mountain Retreat

Monday is Veterans' Day - be sure to thank any service members, past or present, this weekend. That also means it's a three-day weekend up in here!

It's been a busy week, and today is no different. Let's get right to the high-fiving.

1. THIS is where we'll be all weekend.
Mammoth Lakes
Ok, I'm not sure if those exact spots are where we'll be, but we'll be pretty darn close.
54 degrees for the day time high. Mountains all around. Just my boys and me. Yep, it's bound to be a good time.

2. THESE beauties came this week.
If you're looking for a good stability running shoe I'd highly recommend the Guide7s.
I've been dying for the Guide7's release. No stores around us had them and I have almost no patience, so I ordered them. Love, love, love 'em. Running up in the mountains this weekend is going to be that much sweet in these kicks.

3. THESE are on their way.
Baby Chucks - the cuteness is almost too much.
We have family pictures coming up and Marcus needed a fresh pair of shoes to complete is outfit. I could not pass on the red Chucks. Getting the little man to sit still long enough to tie these might be interesting though.

4. THIS was last weekend.
The Pumpkin Prix! We actually participated, our pumpkin racer was the Duck Commander. While the Duck Commander didn't win it was fun nonetheless!
Other pumpkin racers who participated.
5. THIS video needs to be watched by all mommas out there.
Shout out to my friend, Jennie (who doesn't have a blog, but should!), for sharing.

Have a great weekend!


  1. ahh, have the best time this weekend!

    i love saucony sneakers!

  2. What size is Marcus in? I have a pair of Navy Blue chucks- high top with a hidden velcro peice(so no tying and retying) for toddler feet. I will have to check the size, they may be 8 or 9. They are in excellent condition and I will send em to ya if ya want em!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful place to spend the weekend! Have a great time.

  4. I wanna go...pack me in your suitcase!!!

  5. Have a wonderful weekend...it looks gorgeous. Envious of where you will be running verses where I will b e running. :) What a sweet video. Way to make a mom cry on a Friday morning. I am sure that when Marcus gets bigger he is going to say some pretty amazing things about his mom too!

    Have a great Friday!!


  6. Have fun this weekend! That place looks so peacful! AND...thanks for making me cry at work! that video is amazing!

  7. Those mountains are gorgeous! Have fun this weekend!

  8. OH my that looks beautiful!! Have a fun weekend and I can't wait to hear about your runs!!

  9. My durn block feet are too wide for Sauconys...the only ones that work for me are Brooks baby...yay for Vets!! I dont get the day off - unfortunately, but oh well...that's the breaks :) Have so much fun and you better take pics - I love love love the mountains!

  10. OOOO those chucks!! i keep telling isaiah i want to get crue a pair! love them.
    have a great weekend - the place looks so beautiful! i cant wait to see the pics youll take :)

  11. Have fun!! It looks like you'll be spending your weekend in an absolutely beautiful area.

  12. Have so much fun this weekend!!! Can't to hear all about it!

  13. Love your new shoes. Mammoth lake looks beautiful. Have a fun time

  14. Mammoth Lakes looks gorgeous! As for the Chucks- good luck with tying them! Clay has a pair and they're stinkin adorable so we still battle it out sometimes :)

  15. Best pumpkin idea EVER! So creative! Did you get to smash yours?

  16. Love baby Chucks! Hayden has a navy pair of the low tops and I love them but yeah tying them is something. :)