All Things Fall - Cara Box Reveal

This round of the Cara Box exchange was a lot of fun. I loved having three months to really get to know my swap partners. It was great to read up on the blogs, email back and forth, and really try and get to know the ladies.

I was paired with Dara, from Not In Jersey (I sent to her), and Elina, from The Life of One Hot Mess in a Wolf Pack Circle (she sent to me).

Dara is so sweet, and lives in KC! I loved reading up about her family, and seeing all the fun things they do in my old stomping grounds. It was also great to gather new ideas as to what fun things we need to do in KC that we haven't already checked out. Be sure to swing by Not In Jersey, say hi to Dara, and check out the box of goodies I sent her way!

Elina has several of the same interests as me. Loves to cook and bake? Check. Loves to take her kiddos to fun places to create lifelong memories? Check. And, she's a fellow Californian!

Here are all the fun rings Elina so sweetly picked out for my Cara Box.
So much fun stuff!
1. The cutest little flower magnets. Elina must have known our fridge is bare and boring.
2. Dinos for the little man! Marcus has already taken these guys for a dip, or 10, in our pool.
3. Kids bandaids. These are genius. We only have plain old bandaids, and rest assured, Marcus is *not* into plain bandaids. These will be perfect for the next big boo-boo.
4. Glasses case. There is a good possibility I lost the case to my glasses forever ago. And, there is a good possibility I've been in need of a case since then.
5. Such a fun calendar!
6. I'm excited to give this tea business a try. A few blogging buddies (hi Kristen!) are big tea drinkers. This is the perfect opportunity to check it out.
7. We've been using these as coasters. Marcus loves to search the living room for where we've last hidden them.
8. This note pad is wider than my regular note pads and I love it! It's perfect for grocery lists or jotting down recipes.
9. The journal is so unique, and the cover has so much character. I can't wait to start filling it's pages.
10. Coin purse! I don't carry cash, so I never have change, BUT this is perfect for my chapstick (that's always getting lost in the diaper bag) and a tube of lipgloss.

This little number needed its own picture:
I LOVE how compact this little fold-up bag becomes! It's perfect to store in our car, for those "just in case" moments!

Thanks Elina for such a thoughtful Cara Box!!


  1. oh tea! i should really try that bandwagon out too!
    love you!

  2. Love that bag! It is so fun! And the coin purse for lip gloss is such a good idea. Mine is always lost in the diaper bag!
    I read the next box is paired by state! Maybe we'll be partners :)

  3. looks like a great box! my post about the one you sent me will be up later today!

  4. Hi Desiree! :)

    What's really funny is, when I was looking at the pictures of what you received, I saw the box of Twinings and thought, "Oooohhh... lucky bum. That's some good tea she has there!"

  5. I love tea and that is some good tea!! I hope you enjoy it -- it's the right time of year to get into tea! That compact bag is great. It would also make a store in your bag for when you need an extra bag! :) This carabox thing looks so fun I'm already planning to sign up for the next round - I can't wait!

  6. It was so nice that she added so many things for Marcus!!

  7. These are such awesome items!! I love getting goodies in the mail especially when it is from someone who has taken so much care to get it "just right" - these things are perfect and I can see you enjoying them!!