High Fiving - The Thankful Edition

I love Thanksgiving. It's seriously the best. An entire day dedicated to family and friends, gluttonous glory, football, and giving thanks for all that is good in our world. It doesn't get much better than that. We should try to make every day Thanksgiving, with maybe the exception of the gluttonous part… My waist wouldn't appreciate that very much.

To add to the already awesome start to the weekend, here are a few of my thankful high-fives.

1. I'm thankful for friends and family.
A group shot of our Thanksgiving. My amazing cousins hosted yet another perfect dinner. We were surrounded by lots of love, laughter, food, wine, and views of the ocean that are impossible to beat. Pretty much the best day ever.
Soak it up little man. It's not every day you see a sunset like that.
2. I'm thankful for my ability to run.
Before any Thanksgiving festivities began Scott and I decided to gear up and go out for a quick 5k. We normally participate in an organized run on Turkey Day, but due to traveling we knew we wouldn't have time. So, we made up our own 5k (which actually turned into 3.5 miles).
Let's point out a few things here:
1) Marcus looks unamused (shocking).
2) Scott was kind enough to push the BOB.
3) Helllllooooo hair. That's what it looks like if I don't tame it. YIKES!
Obviously I need to run with Scott more often! But, I'm pretty sure my SPRINT the entire time we were running was a mere jog for him (while pushing the 50 pounds of BOB/baby). 
3. I'm thankful that a TINY part of my mom's crafty-ness was passed on to me.
It's been awhile since I've unleashed my inner-DIY. I opened up a container of glitter and went to town making Christmas ornaments (more to come on these later).
4. I'm thankful for being able to travel to beautiful places (and taking my running shoes with).
While we were in Mammoth I snapped a shot of my shoes after a hike to McLeod Lake and tagged Saucony . They liked my pic enough to re-post. I can't help but feel giddy about this. It doesn't take much to make me happy - clearly. (And yes, I love my shoes that much. Go get yourself a pair. Saucony really should be paying me, or comping me shoes, for this plug…)
5. I'm thankful for laughter - and those who have the ability to make us laugh.
If you have seven minutes to spare you should probably watch this (warning, there is some adult language). Have kids? Awesome, you'll relate and find it hilarious. Don't have kids? Not to worry, you'll find it equally as hilarious and awesome.
I'm off to pull out our Christmas decorations - YAY!!
Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. isaiah and i watched that video the other night before bed and he was dying. i was too but i already watched it about 3x before showing him. hahahaha. it is so great!
    i love that thanksgiving picture with everyone. i want your weather! and yo running skillz.

  2. Holy smokes, that is a fast 5K ;) great job!!! And your hair is beautiful :) And I cant run with mine in a pony tail, it drives me insane, so I braid it :) Happy Thanksgiving friend!

  3. those pinecones look amazing!! great work! I LOVE that you guys ran as a family! John is not a runner so we lift together on ocassion but never run. looks like a great thanksgiving!

  4. You guys are fast! I am always amazed when people can run that fast since I am slow.

    That sunset is gorgeous!

  5. That video was hilarious!! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  6. I've seen this video popping up all over my Facebook page and finally got to watch it. Hilarious and spot. on.

    Love the ornaments, too! Can't wait to hear more about them. :)

  7. Aww, this is such a sweet post! I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!