What's In a Name?

Yesterday I missed the boat in the "What's in a Name" link up over at My Very Own Modern Family. I said skip it and decided to jump in on the fun today!
The topic at hand (yesterday) was how did you pick your bebe's name? The name game isn't wasn't restricted to your chubby-cheeked bundles of joy, it included fur-babies, too.

For the sake of time and typing, I'll keep the fur-babies short...
Seala, the cat, came with a name. I adopted Pan Face from a shelter and that's the name (Seala) she already had. No need to confuse the little smushy face anymore than she already was.
Drake was Scott's dog before I'd ever met Scott. So, I had no say in the naming of him.
On to my Chunky Monkey...
I kid that the hardest part of pregnancy was agreeing on a name.

Before Scott and I had any idea if we were having a boy or girl we agreed on a few things:
1) We wanted a name that wasn't necessarily "popular" or "in."
2) No crazy, off the wall names.
3) We wanted something that would be easy to spell, and easy to pronounce when read (do you know how many times in my life people have totally botched my name? UGH!).
4) There was no way we could name a child after a former boy/girlfriend. Too weird.
5) If it was a boy, the middle name would be Scott's middle name.
6) If we were having a boy we wanted his name to be strong, something that carried a little weight behind it.

Many evenings were spent rattling off boy and girl names. I would throw out a handful, Scott would shoot them down. Scott would ramble off a few, I would hate them all.
We found out we were having a boy, and for the longest time I didn't think our baby would ever have a name. We couldn't seem to agree on anything.

All of a sudden the name "Marcus" was there. Scott will say he suggested it. I totally disagree. I know I suggested it. Whatever the case, we both liked it. We quickly agreed Marcus would go by Marcus, no shortening or nicknaming.

There are a couple of meanings behind Marcus:
The American meaning - hammer.
The Biblical meaning - Mars, Roman god of war.
Both seem fitting. Marcus is a little whirl wind, and it's not unusual for him to leave a little path of destruction wherever he goes...

And that's how we settled up Marcus.
How did you decide what you would name your baby?


  1. When we named Parker we also agreed it would not be shortened... but thanks to my daughter he's very often called parks now... parent fail~ lol... Marcus is such a cutie!

  2. Love you blog...so cute. OM gosh I love the "chunky monkey" picture. Mine are older and past that stage and I miss those chubby grins and slobbery kisses! :)


  3. I love knowing how people come up with names and why! I may have to join the fun with this one!

  4. Great name, and your little Marcus is too stinkin cute!!!

  5. Cute name :) And hello new follower here :)

  6. Love this name! Your family is gorgeous!

  7. Thank you for your sweet blog comment! Such a sweet family and I will have to be doing some blog stalking today :)


  8. Thanks for directing me to your Blog! I'm following you now =D

    Your furbabies & chunky monkey are TOO cute! Love the thought & meaning behind your son's name!!!!

  9. Love your new header and look btw!

    The bottom of this post is how we decided on Mace......


  10. I love all the thought that goes into naming a child. I can't wait to get the chance :).

  11. Naming is a hard thing to do, espcially with a smarty pants husband :)
    Love your chocolate lab. I have one too named Brownie. Not very original but it seemed to fit her.

    Your little guy is beautiful!

  12. What a cute post! Ours was easy...My hubby wanted Emily. I said how about Emma? And we basically agreed! Haha =)

  13. I loved this name link up! So fun. I used to call my baby girl Chunky Monkey!

  14. My criteria was similar to yours. We also decided for our second we wanted a Scottish name. So we Googled Scottish girl names until we found one we liked. For my first, I just kept reading a list of names until my husband liked one. Then I decided if I could live with it. Neither one of us truly got the name we wanted for both kids. We had to compromise for each name.